What the feds knew about the COVID vaccine almost a year ago

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Is eugenics behind part of the Covid-19 vaccine push? A few observations from a nurse

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Is Texas Tech doing serious damage to students with on-line testing deficiencies?

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Texas legislature’s top-down groundwater grab violates our contractual land patent rights

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Listener: Lubbock AJ’s choice to engage in hiring discrimination harmful

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Listener: Immigrant physician dismayed at what’s happening in America

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Listener: Questions surrounding Lubbock’s Nursing Home COVID19 Outbreak

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Listener: They will never learn (gun control)

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Listener: Chambers of Commerce “bedded down with tyrannical” officials

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Listener: “Next Month Massengale” addresses Lubbock’s economic task force

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Listener: Local, other governments our biggest roadblock to recovery

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Listener: Tyranny cloaked in kindness is insidious and deadly to a free nation

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Listener: Amazed at lack of context on virus in Lubbock

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Listener: City of Abilene fights hard to keep actions secret

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Hutto laid off city workers, how about LEDA and cities?

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Listener on media coverage of Dan Patrick interview & local gov’t transparency

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Harris Co. judge taking advice of Bertolt Brecht?

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Listener Email: Former council member addresses claims related to Lee Ann Dumbauld

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Listener: North East ISD Strikes Again

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Listener: TSA and its “theater security”

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Texas embassy plaque missing in Paris?

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Listener Email: Castro’s “working families” and other word games

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Listener: It’s not just college loans that need changing

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Listener email: TTUHSC dishonest in ending race influenced admissions?

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Experienced listener says Pratt 1000% correct on unions

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