Texas legislature’s top-down groundwater grab violates our contractual land patent rights

A lawyer said, Communists need Fascists, and all of a sudden it clicked.

Americans are neither racists (fought the Civil War to end all slavery) nor Fascists (fought two world wars to defeat the Nazis) so calling Americans racists and Nazis is a puzzling non sequitur to me and millions of other ordinary Americans. Why do they call us what we are not? When they call us something so ridiculous, we don’t respond because it is ridiculously inapplicable as any third party observer should recognize, at least that is what we think.

Communists, Antifa, Democrats and other dangerous ideologies need racists and Fascists to justify their criminal behavior.

But there are not enough racists and Fascists in the USA so they have to invent racists and Fascists by falsely claiming Christians are racists and Fascists, but American rights of individuals come from the Judeo-Christian moral ethic. Fascism (to bind) is defined by the denial of rights.

Fascism denies our Christian rights of individuals to life, liberty and property and that is why they falsely claim that America is not a Christian country.

And that is also why they also try to fool people into being ashamed of America’s history.

America adopted the English Common Law. As late as 1892, the USSCT in Church of the Holy Trinity v. US, 143 US 457, 471, while citing Vidal v. Girard’s Executors 2 How. 127, 43 US 198, * observed, ‘It is also said, and truly, that the Christian religion is a part of the common law . . .’*

A few years earlier, the high court incorporated the words of the Declaration of Independence to make the Christian concept that we are all endowed equally with unalienable rights by our Creator a part of the black letter law of the USA. US V. Cruikshank 42 US 542 (1876).

And even earlier, the high court said, *No state court would, I presume, sanction and enforce an ex post facto law if no such prohibition was contained in the Constitution of the United States; so neither would retrospective laws taking away vested rights be enforced. Such laws are repugnant to those fundamental principles upon which every just system of laws is founded. It is an elementary principle adopted and sanctioned by the courts of justice in this country and in Great Britain whenever such laws have come under consideration, and yet retrospective laws are clearly within this prohibition.* Ogden v. Saunders 25 US 213, 303-4 (1827).

Texas legislators routinely violate this principle with their unlawful top-down Soviet-style central planning and control groundwater grab for which they have no concrete plan in 50 years for our private property. They are gaslighting us. The ordinary farmer has a better and more accurate plan than the plans they are wasting vast amounts of Texas tax money on. And they plan to shut our water off during the next terrible drought.

Desert areas like the Texas plains are ideal when groundwater can be used on crops in order to water when growing, then cut off the water to stress the plants for more yield. Relying on rain is a fool’s errand. Prove the grab is not top-down by repealing Water Code 36.303 and the Soviet-style forced regional planning law of HB 1763, 2004 or so.

J. Adams


  1. Monroe Wesson says

    We did not fight two world wars to defeat fascist (National Socialists). We only fought one. Fascism came about because several European powers were struggling in the aftermath of WW1 to create a functional society & government. In fact, one of those societies, we actively helped destroy, creating a place for fascism (and National Socialism) to thrive. While I am glad J. Adams is knowledgeable enough about the issue of Texas’ groundwater grab to sound the warning, he limits his credibility when he uses incorrect historical facts (that can be double checked online rather quickly) in the first few sentences of his commentary.

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