Now Abbott’s chief wants you to wear masks inside your homes!

The truly stupid should skip today’s commentary as … [Read more...]

Younger folk value freedom but it’s not what you mean.

Many ask: “Why do younger generations seem not … [Read more...]

COVID case count is not the same as serious infection number

Rush reported Tuesday on this from Dr. Scott Atlas … [Read more...]

Listeners condemn Abbott’s mouth-muzzle decree

More comment from listeners over Governor Abbott’s … [Read more...]

Abbott’s rule by decree needs checking by legislators, some are trying.

Last week Governor Abbott took his … [Read more...]

Happy Independence Day!

A prayer for Independence Day: Lord God … [Read more...]

99th, 104th & 140th district court GOP runoff recommendations

Many have been asking me to release my runoff … [Read more...]

7th Court of Appeals: Vote for Justice Larry Doss

Another important GOP primary election runoff is … [Read more...]

TX13 Runoff: Why you should vote for Dr. Ronny Jackson

In Texas 13th Congressional District, I fully … [Read more...]

Pratt’s July 2020 Texas Republican Primary Runoff voter recommendations

Here are my voter recommendations in the 2020 … [Read more...]

Do current infringements on our liberty justify armed response?

Early voting in the Texas primary runoff elections … [Read more...]

HD60 Runoff: Why you should back Jon Francis for the Texas House

The GOP runoff for Texas House District 60, which … [Read more...]

Texas Democrat Congressman using power of Congress to control speech in books, movies & more

Democrats are using control of the U.S. House to … [Read more...]

Is Governor Abbott a political extortionist or monarch?

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been engaged in a … [Read more...]

A reason we reject the calls of the passionate mob and Leftists

“The seeds of progressive values are not to be … [Read more...]

Mandated mask wearing New Mexico has COVID fatality rate 3 times that of Texas

Texas had 2,062 deaths attributed to COVID-19 as … [Read more...]

COVID-19 numbers in Texas justify no more restrictions, none.

A Wuflu context update: As of Thursday morning, 18 … [Read more...]

Much of the mob opposes the country, not bad policing

Two of many related headlines this week: “Boston … [Read more...]

Abbott’s hectoring is liberal patrician behavior

“What we’re seeing there is that people of that … [Read more...]

Second wave? Where was the first?

I pointed out last week that there was a … [Read more...]

Texas Attorney General has good plan on in-custody deaths

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is limited in … [Read more...]

There is action we can take soon to counter the mobs

I have explained why, and given evidential … [Read more...]

Some work to make the WuFlu into a racial grievance issue

“Black Lawmakers Say Virus Requests Unanswered in … [Read more...]

Is slogan sharing more important than saving actual lives?

Time to honestly admit it: No matter how … [Read more...]

Protest flourishes over an individual’s bad action but largely absent over systematic oppression of rights

What is the difference between a nefarious street … [Read more...]

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