Knee-jerk decisions have ensured suffering, virus & economic, will last longer

Fuelfix reports: “In typical times, a sudden … [Read more...]

Local governments should be acting now for coming shortfall

While some of you small business people and … [Read more...]

Health officials wasted time on the speculative, didn’t harden the known

When you criticize during an emotional and … [Read more...]

Not April Fools: Snitch lines & business threats: How long until violence breaks out?

Conservative and former Lubbock city councilman … [Read more...]

Context: 2009-2010’s H1N1 experience versus Wuhan virus numbers in Texas

Monday (30 March 2020) morning’s Texas Division of … [Read more...]

We will know this is real “war footing” emergency when…

“We have no right to free assembly, we have no … [Read more...]

Mullins: Restore Our Rights. Now.

by Jesse Mullins As the co-owner, with my wife, … [Read more...]

If Gov. Abbott, local officials want to be heeded they should…

On Tuesday, Governor Greg Abbot held his daily … [Read more...]

Officials are playing with a fire possibly more deadly than the virus outbreak

Nationally the discussion and point of view on the … [Read more...]

Surrendering to the stampeding crowd on the virus is not responsible

“Ignorance is bliss,” is a proverb that exists for … [Read more...]

Patriots should demand citation of legal authority for extraordinary actions

Rick, via Facebook, asked: Where does the … [Read more...]

Action that abridges freedom should be justified with empirical evidence

Sadly history shows that a good bit of our, and … [Read more...]

Source of fear is what we didn’t, or don’t, know about COVID-19

I have read and re-read the updated World Health … [Read more...]

In crisis, what is our role as constitutionalists and conservatives?

As constitutionalist conservatives, just what is … [Read more...]

Don’t let the panic excuse bad action by elected officials

There is no question that many of the rational in … [Read more...]

Former Californians organize to keep Texans from ruining the Lone Star State

A group of former California residents have … [Read more...]

National touting of Texas Democrat voter turnout is to raise money

“Texas Democrat primary turnout not impressive,” … [Read more...]

Young radical voters: When the worm turns in voting.

Crazy-haired Communist Bernie “Sanders carried … [Read more...]

Speaker Dennis Bonnen on KFYO reminded us what a liar he is

One wonders what it is in the makeup of outgoing … [Read more...]

Texas Democrat primary turnout not impressive

Some in the Texas political press made a big deal … [Read more...]

Texas “White Privilege” must provide magical voting powers

Democrat absurdity rises ever higher the further … [Read more...]

Railroad Commission upset was big but the stunner was in TX11

The biggest surprise in the Texas Republican … [Read more...]

Dems give Texas to a befuddled party-insider; anoint no one for US Senate; Cuellar beats back AOC & Bernie

So much for Socialist Bernie Sanders winning the … [Read more...]

Democrat’s Leftward turn problematic, is reform possible?

Self-described Truman-Democrat Joel Kotkin wrote, … [Read more...]

Texas pre-primary press coverage replete with wishful thinking

Leading up to the election, one of the big … [Read more...]

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