Broadcasting from DentoCare in lovely Costa Rica this week?

If all goes well, I should be broadcasting Pratt … [Read more...]

Mills: Natural gas prices down, inventories up as winter approaches

By Alex Mills Record production of natural gas … [Read more...]

If you’re “not trash” try not living like such.

“‘I’m a Texan. Not trash:’ Austin’s homeless … [Read more...]

The Left is using public education to take your liberty and country from you.

In September I told you about Austin ISD’s plan to … [Read more...]

Fort Hood massacre teaches lessons the deluded ignore

On Tuesday, 5 November, we remembered the massacre … [Read more...]

In Texas, the party of no shame strikes again on voting law

I have been telling you about the latest in a long … [Read more...]

It is largely media creating “darkness” in our “democracy”

If the pretentious slogan of the Washington Post, … [Read more...]

Our ineffective public education model is anachronistic

"Over the past decade, there has been no progress … [Read more...]

“Woke” youths of New Mexico may have to grow up

The Hobbs newspaper has reported that United … [Read more...]

Abortion advocates backing several Texas Dem campaigns

Get ready for a shocker: NARAL, the kill as many … [Read more...]

HD83: Will “dolt of a county commissioner” run to challenge taxpayer champion Dustin Burrows?

I have a question for listeners who live in parts … [Read more...]

Uber Leftist George Soros backing Warren; campus voter registration scam

As any Leftist does, George Soros made a … [Read more...]

Mills: Oil industry giants organize to reduce emissions

By Alex Mills Thirteen international oil and … [Read more...]

If Speaker Laney’s $1.6 million of cashed campaign fund checks didn’t warrant investigation, surely Bonnen’s press-pass offer wasn’t worth pursuit.

“JUST IN: No criminal charges for Bonnen from … [Read more...]

Hey Rep. Green, political parties and movements do not own words.

“All Republicans must remember what they are … [Read more...]

Pratt’s recommendations on Texas Constitutional Amendments 2019

I recommend voting AGAINST propositions 2, 6, and … [Read more...]

Bonnen’s perfidy has cost conservatives much

There is not much funny or joyful about how … [Read more...]

Local tax and spend officials fail to extort State; private sector comes through

A better headline for this story would be: “Local … [Read more...]

Pratt’s post for 10/21/2019

Texas House Republican Caucus Condemns GOP Speaker … [Read more...]

Study: Austin media members donate to Democrats frequently, not to Republicans at all

“Austin-based journalists working in television, … [Read more...]

Mills: Exploration slows as financial situation tightens

By Alex Mills The financial community has … [Read more...]

Bonnen, not Sullivan, pushed the meeting scandal to public disclosure

In his Dallas Morning News story “Why Texas House … [Read more...]

DMN column by Joshua Whitfield on Beto a gem

Good headline writing is the first order of … [Read more...]

James, NBA prove the old Soviet maxim about selling rope

“When the ball smashed into a photo of LeBron … [Read more...]

O’Rourke’s hostility toward freedom of conscience is nothing new

In the last Democrat candidate show, Beto Pancho … [Read more...]

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