Trump’s leaked tax returns show how Democrats quietly buy the wealthy vote

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On Trump’s ballyhooed tax returns

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Vote for Drew Springer on Tuesday for Texas Senate District 30

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When has more money made a bureaucracy less of a bureaucracy?

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Don’t count on giant waves of voter turnout from the very young

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Pratt’s post for 9/23/2020

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NRA endorsements include “A+” rated Drew Springer in SD30

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SD30 Special Election: Pratt endorses Rep. Drew Springer & tells why

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Senator Hall is right and Governor Abbott rottenly wrong

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MJ Hegar wants to make it illegal to carry your rifle or shotgun

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Too many local elected officials benefit from tax and spending increases

A refrain you’ll hear from local government … [Read more...]

Lubbock’s only local government conservatives turn their backs on citizens

At the end of last week, Lubbock County citizens … [Read more...]

LBJ and others would be envious of modern Texas Democrats

In his appeal to the Texas 14th Court of Appeals, … [Read more...]

Gov. Abbott and Leftist Judge Garcia not so different

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Texas Democrats leave most important Texas job to an outside super PAC

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Texas press just now discovering Abbott’s rule by decree power grab

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Rampant lying by local officials on property taxes

It is, and should be considered so by all, … [Read more...]

Texas Dems make bad argument on voting by mail and the 26th Amendment

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Texas legislature’s top-down groundwater grab violates our contractual land patent rights

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Trump’s ability to simplify a message resented by some pundits

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It’s not just local elected officials who mislead voters on tax increases

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CDC’s COVID-19 fatality numbers suggest fraud to cause panic

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Party conventions showed a stark contrast between blamers and doers

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Has athlete “protest” led to more or less violence?

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AP’s “fringe views” of GOP convention risible

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