Little money, lots of work is why NRA, TSRA are effective in Texas

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At least a few are standing up to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick

At least some conservatives and Second Amendment … [Read more...]

How, Dan Patrick, does ignoring duplicity help the Texas GOP?

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Make Beto wet his pants, visit my 2nd Amendment & Anti-Wimp HQs today

“Alpha Dog Firearms in Phoenix, Arizona, responded … [Read more...]

Progressive Democrats are similar to Mexico’s Centralists from whom we won independence

Yesterday was the 16th of September, or Diez y … [Read more...]

Commie Castro’s meanness and Beto Pancho’s gun grabbing

Did you watch the Democrat candidate show from … [Read more...]

Mills: Natural gas shows signs of becoming the fuel of the future

By Alex Mills Natural gas – touted by many … [Read more...]

Straus joins Dems in pushing for knee-jerk gun control session

More embarrassment is on tap for those who chose … [Read more...]

Austin ISD to close 12 schools to have money to fund Leftist re-education propaganda programs

Public education is a mess. Take this report from … [Read more...]

What some call a “stunt” was consequential for Lubbock taxpayers

While Lubbock County commissioners Chad Seay and … [Read more...]

Sen. Cruz get is right while Lt. Gov. Patrick goes brain-off on gun control

While my friend Dan Patrick, our Lieutenant … [Read more...]

Why you should oppose “universal background checks” on gun purchases

By Tara Mica, NRA-ILA State Director via Texas … [Read more...]

Why the “no adults” situation appeals to the politically young

It was good to hear Rush Limbaugh, on Friday, … [Read more...]

Mills: Some investors have lost confidence in oil

By Alex Mills The oil industry has been through … [Read more...]

Citizens make Taylor County’s huge tax hike easy for commissioners

Taylor County’s commissioners passed a huge tax … [Read more...]

Nothing new in criminal blazes of infamy, nor in the solutions to such

As Isabel and I sat out front of Kansas City’s … [Read more...]

Mills: Federal energy report indicates more secure supplies

By Alex Mills The Energy Information … [Read more...]

Mills: US leads the world in oil, gas production

By Alex Mills It’s official. The United States … [Read more...]

Dolt of a county commissioner shows from where we recruit dolts for DC

In replying to citizens who had written him to … [Read more...]

Local officials are trying to pass stealth tax increases on Texans

Other than the fact that local officials have … [Read more...]

Ignorant consumers of media are part of the problem (And no, Melania Trump is not a porn star.)

Did you know that First Lady Melania Trump is a … [Read more...]

Erica Grieder remains confused & deaf to demagoguery of the Left on race

The oft’ confused Erica Grieder is now working for … [Read more...]

Julián “Commie” Castro’s anti-“working families” tax plan

The Statesman headline read: “Julián Castro … [Read more...]

Mills: Battery issues confront development of electric vehicles

By Alex Mills The automobile industry has … [Read more...]

Lubbock Co. commissioner ignorantly claims adopting Effective Tax Rate would increase taxes!

Some may wonder why I have referred to a Lubbock … [Read more...]

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