Beto Pancho’s slavery money & a “high-profile” Dem challenging Cornyn

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn outraised his high-profile … [Read more...]

Judge’s bribery conviction par for Rio Grande Valley Democrats

“Hearing a former judge in his own words appeared … [Read more...]

Mills: Texas leads the charge in energy security

By Alex Mills Texas is leading the charge in … [Read more...]

Tribune vs. Texan headline demonstrates media manipulation of news

I’ve a clear example for you of how drastically … [Read more...]

AOC, millennials stuck in perpetual adolescence

One has to laugh with this headline: “AOC: Pelosi … [Read more...]

RIP: Ross Perot was an icon of the self-made Texan, American

Our fellow True Texan, an icon of the idea of the … [Read more...]

Happy Independence Day!

A prayer for Independence Day: Lord God … [Read more...]

Lubbock paper calls male “transgender” HD83 candidate “she”

“Democrat Addison Perry-Franks announces candidacy … [Read more...]

Why do so many not see how open borders allows for extreme evil?

When people like Democrat candidates for … [Read more...]

Redistricting ruling was important but will not slow Leftist charges of racial discrimination

In the very important ruling from the U.S. Supreme … [Read more...]

Mills: Oil prices rise in response to turmoil in Middle East

By Alex Mills Oil prices continued to rise last … [Read more...]

Julián Castro cements his no borders position in debate

In debate exchange with Beto O'Rourke, Castro … [Read more...]

Perversion: Smut less likely to be blocked than political speech online

About Facebook, Google and the rest, Michael … [Read more...]

Trump’s deal has Mexico deploying troops to stop illegal crossings into U.S.

Yesterday, 25 June, United Press International … [Read more...]

Beto Pancho’s war tax & peace dividend silliness

Democrat presidential hopefuls are rolling out … [Read more...]

A Texas legend is to be reborn: The Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells

“A landmark North Texas hotel has been purchased … [Read more...]

Mills: U.S. becomes a net exporter of crude oil

By Alex Mills Not very long ago, the U.S. … [Read more...]

Media & local politicians openly lie about property tax reform as passed

Whether it is from the Wichita County courthouse … [Read more...]

Does “sovereign immunity” mean Texas agencies can steal our property?

Earlier this week I addressed a story about a … [Read more...]

UT/Texas Tribune poll not wonderful for Cornyn

The Texas Tribune released one of its regular … [Read more...]

Gunman in Dallas again shows why we need be armed

The AP reported yesterday: “A photo of the man … [Read more...]

Property tax reform should redirect public action to the right target

One of the most concise and correct sentences to … [Read more...]

Mills: 100-Year Celebration of KMA Oilfield slated

By Alex Mills The oil and gas industry has been … [Read more...]

Why is O’Rourke’s lack of traction so hard for some to understand?

The Austin American-Statesman’s Jonahtan Tilove, … [Read more...]

A good bill: SB 1978 protects all from government discrimination, not just Christians

Calling it the "Save Chick-fil-A" bill is … [Read more...]

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