Stop confusing the revered with the sacred. The Capitol is not “sacred.”

Representative Liz Cheney, in her childishly … [Read more...]

Liz Cheney’s high-minded talk is highly petulant and hypocritical

One of the telltale signs you are dealing with an … [Read more...]

Texas legislators: Stop governments making people join private social media to get critical news

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Trump’s Texas visit has RGV Democrats in a snit | An annual Texas Legislature?

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Pay attention to the show in Austin as much, or more, than in Washington

Will you see press stories apologizing for the … [Read more...]

Is violence “never the answer,” is it always wrong? Is America illegitimate?

Are Leftists correct in claims made that the … [Read more...]

Cruz shows wise patriotism; Cornyn shows he is a quitter

In the Joint Session of Congress convened to … [Read more...]

Let’s help Democrats by making sure Biden truly won

On the historical precedent for Congress to … [Read more...]

12th Day of Christmas, January 5th: Twelfth Night, Eve of Epiphany

The Twelfth Day of Christmas - January 5th It … [Read more...]

Our nation is ill served by those just wanting to get on with D.C. deal making

It’s a big week in our federal Congress and I … [Read more...]

11th Day of Christmas, January 4th

The Eleventh Day of Christmas - January … [Read more...]

10th Day of Christmas, January 3rd

The Tenth Day of Christmas - January … [Read more...]

9th Day of Christmas, January 2nd

The Ninth Day of Christmas - January 2nd In the … [Read more...]

8th Day of Christmas, January 1st: Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus

The Eighth Day of Christmas - January 1st: The … [Read more...]

7th Day of Christmas, December 31st

The Seventh Day of Christmas - December … [Read more...]

What to say about 2020? (Hint: “spawn of Satan”)

What to say about 2020? Good riddance comes to … [Read more...]

6th Day of Christmas, December 30th

The Sixth Day of Christmas - December 30th The … [Read more...]

A charge to all good citizens for 2021

Make a resolution and follow through this year to … [Read more...]

5th Day of Christmas, December 29th: Feast of St. Thomas Becket

The Fifth Day of Christmas - December 29th: The … [Read more...]

Make regular contact with elected officials’ staff

It is common this time of year for year-in-review … [Read more...]

4th Day of Christmas, December 28th: Feast of the Holy Innocents

The Fourth Day of Christmas - December 28th: The … [Read more...]

3rd Day of Christmas, December 27th: Feast of St. John

The Third Day of Christmas - December 27th. The … [Read more...]

2nd Day of Christmas, December 26th: The Feast of St. Stephen

The Second Day of Christmas - December 26th The … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas – God gives us humor to cope with all – enjoy “Jesus’ Life” by the great Peter Cook & Dudley Moore

Two of my favorites, the great Peter Cook and … [Read more...]

Prayers for Christmas Day

So many wrote with appreciation for the … [Read more...]

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