State of public education is not optimal so why is reform so vehemently opposed? – Pratt on Texas 3/29/2023

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Why bringing back a crony tax break program in Texas?

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Lt. Gov. Patrick & Speaker Phelan are both right & wrong on tax relief, we need items from both plans – Pratt on Texas 3/3/2023

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Celebrate, it’s Texas Independence Day!

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Abbott’s priorities good but why the flip on, and lessening of, property tax relief? | Biden after Paxton – Pratt on Texas 2/17/2023

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Pratt: The self-defeating arguments against school choice

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Abbott drags out COVID “emergency” but reasoning doesn’t hold water | Senate committees named – Pratt on Texas 1/23/2023

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Podcast Extra: Blacklisted Americans update with Robert Zimmerman – 1/17/2023

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12th Day of Christmas, January 5th: Twelfth Night, Eve of Epiphany

The Twelfth Day of Christmas - January 5th It … [Read more...]

11th Day of Christmas, January 4th

The Eleventh Day of Christmas - January … [Read more...]

10th Day of Christmas, January 3rd

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9th Day of Christmas, January 2nd

The Ninth Day of Christmas - January 2nd In the … [Read more...]

8th Day of Christmas, January 1st: Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus

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7th Day of Christmas, December 31st

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6th Day of Christmas, December 30th

The Sixth Day of Christmas - December 30th The … [Read more...]

5th Day of Christmas, December 29th: Feast of St. Thomas Becket

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4th Day of Christmas, December 28th: Feast of the Holy Innocents

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3rd Day of Christmas, December 27th: Feast of St. John

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2nd Day of Christmas, December 26th: The Feast of St. Stephen

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Merry Christmas – God gives us humor to cope with all – enjoy “Jesus’ Life” by the great Peter Cook & Dudley Moore

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Prayers for Christmas Day

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Are we moving into a post-Christian age? Guest: Rev. Daniel Hinton – Pratt on Texas 12/23/2022

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Texas Democrats reward more fakery, elect F.F.F.III caucus head | Abbott’s perilous precedent – Pratt on Texas 12/8/2022

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Army Brigadier Gen. (Retired) John Compere on the Texas Cowboys’ Christmas Ball

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A brief history of the American Thanksgiving holiday.

George Washington, during his first year as … [Read more...]

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