Mills: International energy issues become more complex

By Alex Mills The world of international energy … [Read more...]

A Good Friday and Easter message

On this Good Friday I want to step back from the … [Read more...]

A reason many Democrats & Leftist passionately hate pro-life legislation

In the last few weeks the Texas political press … [Read more...]

Senate wants voter-verified paper trail in Texas elections; Lubbock County broke promise on such

The Texas Senate passed Senate Bill 9 which, if … [Read more...]

Seliger backs down to save rule that doesn’t deserve saving

Your pressure on Amarillo’s state Senator Kel … [Read more...]

Pratt’s post for 4/15/2019

Items that make the show stack or upon which I … [Read more...]

You need to be heard by Senator Kel Seliger

Remember Amarillo’s Kel Seliger? He’s the long … [Read more...]

Mills: Gasoline prices should be lower this summer

By Alex Mills Gasoline prices should average a … [Read more...]

All hope with meaningful property tax reform may rest with Governor Abbott

“According to sources inside the Texas Capitol, … [Read more...]

Lubbock’s Mayor Pope says we can’t have property tax reform because he needs to spend more to pay for the debt he created

How would you feel about youths being cheered by … [Read more...]

TSTA advertises is Leftwing politics and communist roots

Among the more frustratingly humorous* things with … [Read more...]

Pratt’s post for 4/9/2019

Items that make the show stack or upon which I … [Read more...]

Gun rights activist ruins Constitutional-Carry issue for Texans

On the issue of a Texas gun rights activist … [Read more...]

Mills: Crude oil price exceeds $60

By Alex Mills Crude oil prices increased again … [Read more...]

HB 3 screws Texas taxpayers; renders HB 2 near worthless

The Texas House passed its bloated school finance … [Read more...]

Legislator frustrations shared by true limited-government Republicans

With a few exceptions, the best discussions I have … [Read more...]

Who does your legislator represent? HB 2 is a good test.

In Austin this week, I asked state Rep. John … [Read more...]

A recent scam on barriers to Texas voting

Recently The Texas Civil Rights Project, a … [Read more...]

Senate public education plan better for teachers

If all has gone to plan, I will be broadcasting … [Read more...]

HB 2 passes out of committee; reporter dishonest over its function

Is there any part of the standard press corps that … [Read more...]

New version of property tax reform? Reps need to hear from you now.

The House began debate on its version of the … [Read more...]

Common to use the people’s money to placate noisy constituents when budgets are flush

“Schoolteacher raises of $5,000 are on the table … [Read more...]

Why it’s tough to get a full ban on red light cameras in Texas reports: “The red light camera … [Read more...]

Austin churches actively subvert due process and law

A story out of the San Antonio Express-News was … [Read more...]

Mills: Natural gas generates the most electricity

By Alex Mills Natural gas continues its streak … [Read more...]

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