Covid-19 tests our value for life, how we have decayed

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Why is Texas’ governor out promoting Eli Lilly’s drug?

Politicians playing doctor by Sandy … [Read more...]

How did politicians act in lockstep on lock downs (and more) even before COVID was a crisis?

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Texas legislature’s top-down groundwater grab violates our contractual land patent rights

A lawyer said, Communists need Fascists, and all … [Read more...]

The face mask hypocrisy of Lubbock’s Mayor Pope

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Audio: Ken Good discusses bail reform in Texas (6/4/2020)

Ken W. Good, a Texas bail attorney and a board … [Read more...]

Podcast: Robert Zimmerman on SpaceX and Crew Dragon launch

Space historian, science writer Robert Zimmerman … [Read more...]

Podcast: Interview with Dr. Stephen Balch

Dr. Stephen Balch appeared on Pratt on Texas on … [Read more...]

Mullins: Restore Our Rights. Now.

by Jesse Mullins As the co-owner, with my wife, … [Read more...]

Mills: Oil company executives challenge candidates’ energy policy

By Alex Mills Tuesday is Super Tuesday. It is … [Read more...]

Mills: Bloomberg’s money funds anti-fossil fuel agenda

By Alex Mills It is well known that … [Read more...]

Mills: Oil prices decline as coronavirus expands

By Alex Mills Worldwide crude oil prices have … [Read more...]

Mills: Petroleum companies’ financial performance down

By Alex Mills As many oil and gas companies … [Read more...]

Miller: Oil, gas producers’ success brings a new set of issues

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Mills: EIA forecasts stable energy prices in 2020

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Mills: Energy wins in U.S.-China trade agreement

By Alex Mills President Trump signed an … [Read more...]

Mills: Conflict erupts between U.S. and Iran, oil always in focus

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Mills: U.S. became largest producing country in 2010-2019 decade

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Mills: Texas Petro Index declines 8 percent in 2019

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Australia, UK could be sneak preview of elections next year, Texas included

By Pratt on Texas listener Steven "in Swisher … [Read more...]

Mills: Few changes expected for oil supply, demand

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Mills: U.S. becomes net petroleum exporter

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Mills: New York seeks retribution for alleged climate change damages

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Unions a demonstrable fraud upon Texas workers

Under the heading of why labor union and the … [Read more...]

Study forecasts more increases in US oil production

By Alex Mills Even though there appears to be … [Read more...]

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