Podcast Extra: Interview with Konni Burton of The Texan on reporting straight news

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Blacklisted Americans update with Robert Zimmerman & how the seeds were sown years ago

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Why much Jan. 6th DC riot talk is preposterous | Matthews on putting price controls on Congress – Pratt on Texas 3/15/2022 – repeat from 1/6/2022

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Economist Vance Ginn on the dangers of inflation – Pratt on Texas 3/9/2022

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Strategist Sherry Sylvester on the Texas primary, AG race the “war of the baggage” | More election review – Pratt on Texas 3/3/2022

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Joshua Treviño discusses his piece “Midland: The Fruits of the Conquest” in a two part podcast discussion

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Pushing back on blacklisting with Bob Zimmerman | Redistricting fight news – Pratt on Texas 2/8/2022

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Omicron concerns? A symptom & treatment update with Dr. John Thomas

Too many people are in panic over fear they have … [Read more...]

Blacklisted Americans update with Robert Zimmerman, bigots & racists of the Left dominate. The falseness of “settled science.”

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Interview: In-depth with Hardin-Simmons Univ. President Eric Bruntmyer

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Interview with Clay Kahler – Preventing Tragedy: The Four Universal Firearm Safety Laws

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Interview with Jason Isaac: The Texas electric grid needs reliable generation; scapegoating natural gas firms is wrong and fruitless

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What the feds knew about the COVID vaccine almost a year ago

Guest commentary from Listener Club member, Sandy … [Read more...]

Podcast Extra: Roy Maynard on Classical Education Changed My Life—and Formed My Children

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Blacklisted American update from Bob Zimmerman – it’s getting worse!

Historian, science writer, author, and keeper of … [Read more...]

Will Texas’ PUC place costs for reliable electric generation on right parties?

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Is eugenics behind part of the Covid-19 vaccine push? A few observations from a nurse

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Big Freeze: Jason Isaac on FERC’s “green energy whitewash” of Texas electric grid issues

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Dr. Stephen Balch on How States Can Assume Abandoned Responsibilities of the National Government

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How Matt Crow ended up working for Ronald Reagan

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Interview: Conscious Choice – The origins of slavery in America…

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Liberals becoming victim of their own blacklisting cancel culture: Update from historian Bob Zimmerman

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Interview: Dr. Merrill Matthews on inflation dangers & paying people not to work

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Interview with Dr. Stephen Balch – Toward a National Liberation Movement

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Bob Zimmerman: Update on Blacklisted Americans (Cancel Culture)

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