About those appraisals and your property taxes

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Rampant lying by local officials on property taxes

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“No New Revenue Rate” doesn’t mean what some would have you to think

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State officials warn of taxpayer abuse from local officials

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The “tax rate” doesn’t tell you if locals are raising your property taxes

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Attention: You cannot count on press to warn you of local property tax increases

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Remember: The property “tax rate” is meaningless by itself

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Local officials lie when they blame property tax increases on anything but the tax rate they set each summer

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Property value freeze gimmick designed to mislead you

I’ve told you how many local officials, such as … [Read more...]

More deceptive talk on property taxes coming from local officials

It appears local government officials are … [Read more...]

Post rollback defeat Scurry Co. leaders already working to justify more tax increases

Scurry County’s Commissioner Terry Williams is … [Read more...]

Scurry County leaders are not truthful about consequences of rollback election passage

Among the most pernicious actions of Scurry … [Read more...]

The nastiness of Scurry County officials in trying to keep their massive tax increase.

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Scurry Co. Judge Dan Hicks tells yet another whopper!

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Texas’ biggest, most far-reaching political story of 2019

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TML hosts annual taxpayer-paid vacation event for city officials

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Local officials: Blame yourselves for big property tax increases.

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What some call a “stunt” was consequential for Lubbock taxpayers

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Citizens make Taylor County’s huge tax hike easy for commissioners

Taylor County’s commissioners passed a huge tax … [Read more...]

Dolt of a county commissioner shows from where we recruit dolts for DC

In replying to citizens who had written him to … [Read more...]

Local officials are trying to pass stealth tax increases on Texans

Other than the fact that local officials have … [Read more...]

Lubbock Co. commissioner ignorantly claims adopting Effective Tax Rate would increase taxes!

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Contact local officials NOW to say “no property tax increase.”

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Are you crying for your city’s budgeteers?

As Kimberly-Clark Corporation, the maker of … [Read more...]

Media & local politicians openly lie about property tax reform as passed

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