GOP runoff candidate’s (take-it-off Stogner) big hypocrisy exposed | Knuckle-draggers | Property taxes – Pratt on Texas 5/17/2022

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Poll shows astounding ignorance on Texas property taxes

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Report: Effect of recent Texas property tax reform – relief from rising values

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Reminder: Votes of elected officials raise property taxes, not appraisals | Texas economic news – Pratt on Texas 3/28/2022

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Why is data being withheld from Lubbock taxpayers? | Border news | Another challenger to Abbott – Pratt on Texas for 8/25/2021

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A fraud upon Lubbock County taxpayers by Lubbock County

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AG’s office report released on disgruntled staff claims | Pro-abortion lawsuits go after pro-lifers | Fraud on Lubbock taxpayers? – Pratt on Texas for 8/24/2021

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Why are counties not getting border help Abbott promised? | Where’s our property tax info? – Pratt on Texas for 8/23/2021

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About those appraisals and your property taxes

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Rampant lying by local officials on property taxes

It is, and should be considered so by all, … [Read more...]

“No New Revenue Rate” doesn’t mean what some would have you to think

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State officials warn of taxpayer abuse from local officials

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The “tax rate” doesn’t tell you if locals are raising your property taxes

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Attention: You cannot count on press to warn you of local property tax increases

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Remember: The property “tax rate” is meaningless by itself

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Local officials lie when they blame property tax increases on anything but the tax rate they set each summer

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Property value freeze gimmick designed to mislead you

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More deceptive talk on property taxes coming from local officials

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Post rollback defeat Scurry Co. leaders already working to justify more tax increases

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Scurry County leaders are not truthful about consequences of rollback election passage

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The nastiness of Scurry County officials in trying to keep their massive tax increase.

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Scurry Co. Judge Dan Hicks tells yet another whopper!

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Texas’ biggest, most far-reaching political story of 2019

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TML hosts annual taxpayer-paid vacation event for city officials

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Local officials: Blame yourselves for big property tax increases.

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