Is there too much COVID-19 testing?

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WuFlu numbers in Texas do not justify erosion of freedoms

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Covid-19 Revealed A Disturbing Agenda Behind Our Mayors

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Why is Texas’ governor out promoting Eli Lilly’s drug?

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COVID: Reporting, “mask NAZI’s” & ending the insanity

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Are businesses paying for destruction in hyperbolic COVID reporting?

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Local media complicit in undue COVID panic reporting

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Essential WuFlu COVID-19 stories archive

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Why it was right for Judge Pulliam’s voting booth mask mandate to be stopped

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How did politicians act in lockstep on lock downs (and more) even before COVID was a crisis?

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Texas has not made it harder to vote this year

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Only a misinformed public would believe Democrats took COVID more seriously than President Trump

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Texas Democrats remind they’d run Texas as a prison state

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When has more money made a bureaucracy less of a bureaucracy?

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Senator Hall is right and Governor Abbott rottenly wrong

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Texas press just now discovering Abbott’s rule by decree power grab

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CDC’s COVID-19 fatality numbers suggest fraud to cause panic

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Wearing face masks more than doubled Texas COVID-19 fatality rate! (But wait there’s more…)

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Texas COVID numbers appear no longer trustworthy

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More on face masks and why we should object to decrees to wear such

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A third more died of flu in Texas by 31 July 2019 than died of COVID-19

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The face mask hypocrisy of Lubbock’s Mayor Pope

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Abbott uses amalgamation of statutes to skirt due process

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Greg Abbott’s drift from conservatism easy to track, appears he’s betting on a Trump loss

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Texas hospitals are not full with Coronavirus patients

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