When has more money made a bureaucracy less of a bureaucracy?

“At the height of the coronavirus outbreak this … [Read more...]

Senator Hall is right and Governor Abbott rottenly wrong

Writing about Governor Abbott’s WuFlu … [Read more...]

Texas press just now discovering Abbott’s rule by decree power grab

The press in our country has become largely … [Read more...]

CDC’s COVID-19 fatality numbers suggest fraud to cause panic

My listener, Sandy, who is a professional writer … [Read more...]

Wearing face masks more than doubled Texas COVID-19 fatality rate! (But wait there’s more…)

On  22 June, I wrote of how New Mexico, with its … [Read more...]

Texas COVID numbers appear no longer trustworthy

Sadly, under Governor Greg Abbott, Texas has the … [Read more...]

More on face masks and why we should object to decrees to wear such

A nice listener wrote to me about wearing masks … [Read more...]

A third more died of flu in Texas by 31 July 2019 than died of COVID-19

Warning: What follows is an uncomfortable context … [Read more...]

The face mask hypocrisy of Lubbock’s Mayor Pope

From "LT Advocacy" via YouTube: The hypocrisy is … [Read more...]

Abbott uses amalgamation of statutes to skirt due process

I simply cannot fathom why so many Texans are … [Read more...]

Greg Abbott’s drift from conservatism easy to track, appears he’s betting on a Trump loss

Two Texas regular legislative sessions ago, … [Read more...]

Texas hospitals are not full with Coronavirus patients

In my commentary “Texas WuFlu headline propaganda … [Read more...]

Hear much about those hundreds of doctors opposed to shutdowns?

Somewhere in the range of 600 physicians signed a … [Read more...]

Texas WuFlu headline propaganda & what did you do last flu season?

An AP story Monday was headlined: ‘More Than … [Read more...]

Texans allowing destruction of their rights in going along with “orders”

Jared Woodfill, who is a former GOP chairman for … [Read more...]

Now Abbott’s chief wants you to wear masks inside your homes!

The truly stupid should skip today’s commentary as … [Read more...]

COVID case count is not the same as serious infection number

Rush reported Tuesday on this from Dr. Scott Atlas … [Read more...]

Listeners condemn Abbott’s mouth-muzzle decree

More comment from listeners over Governor Abbott’s … [Read more...]

Abbott’s rule by decree needs checking by legislators, some are trying.

Last week Governor Abbott took his … [Read more...]

Do current infringements on our liberty justify armed response?

Early voting in the Texas primary runoff elections … [Read more...]

Is Governor Abbott a political extortionist or monarch?

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been engaged in a … [Read more...]

Mandated mask wearing New Mexico has COVID fatality rate 3 times that of Texas

Texas had 2,062 deaths attributed to COVID-19 as … [Read more...]

COVID-19 numbers in Texas justify no more restrictions, none.

A Wuflu context update: As of Thursday morning, 18 … [Read more...]

Abbott’s hectoring is liberal patrician behavior

“What we’re seeing there is that people of that … [Read more...]

Second wave? Where was the first?

I pointed out last week that there was a … [Read more...]

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