Biden would rather fund enemies than let Texas’ oil & gas industry flourish | Anti-Wimp update – Pratt on Texas 3/7/2022

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: President Biden and many Democrats would rather fund our enemies than let Texas and the domestic oil and gas industry flourish. Even in the threat of war these people practice their cultish “green energy” faith. Biden is coming to Texas tomorrow but not to cheer on the oil and gas industry and encourage it to produce more so we don’t have to fund Putin’s takeover of Ukraine by buying Russian oil, nope, he’s coming to Fort Worth to talk about some VA healthcare issue.

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Anti-Wimp update: Longview burglar picks the wrong woman’s house.

Attorney General Paxton gets a big runoff endorsement from Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.

Harris County botched the primary elections worse than we already know. Not only did they take almost 30 hours to count the vote, we now know that they left 10,000 ballots out of the count.

And, other news of Texas.

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  1. Pratt,

    There’s an irony in Biden’s energy policy that some people might not realize.

    The year was 1859; the place, Titusville, Pennsylvania (NW corner of the state, about 125 miles east of Cleveland, OH). Edwin Drake made the first petroleum discovery on American soil.

    Now, we have a president that claims a city (Scranton) in the NE corner of the state where America’s oil industry began that consistently strives to constrict oil production on American soil.

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