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2024 Texas Republican Primary Election Recommendations from Pratt on Texas

Listen to Pratt on Texas weekdays at 5pm on 98.7 FM or 1420 AM in Lubbock or across the Big Country and Abilene on 96.1 FM. Miss the on-air program? Listen to a recording of the show (podcast) here. If the office is not listed I … [Read More...]

Stop Texas backsliding with your vote March 5th

Texas is an extremely successful state with an economy among the most diversified and a population growing at a fast clip. Much of Texas’ success has come because of conservative Republican policy enacted as the GOP gained cultural and … [Read More...]

Time to take on the political bums in Texas

Candidate filing for the March 5th party primary election opens. Political party primary season is around the corner with official filing for a place on a party's ballot opening on 11 November 2023 for the 5 March 2024 primary election. … [Read More...]

HD83: Real story of “lawsuit” involving Burrows & Cowan | AG sues Denton ISD for electioneering – Pratt on Texas 2/23/2024

The news of Texas covered today includes: Our Lone Star story of the day: On Wednesday I brought you the story of Denton ISD's electioneering and now there is more. And, Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed suit against the district on … [Read More...]

Podcast Extra: About the Ragtown Gospel Theater with Chip Polk

In this Pratt on Texas Podcast Extra, I interview Chip Polk about the founding of Ragtown Gospel Theater. 2024 is the 18th season of original Christian drama at Ragtown. Learn all about the Polk brothers, the theater, and the shows at: … [Read More...]

ETJ reform is paying off in Texas, protecting property rights | TTU’s loud Israel hater – Pratt on Texas 2/22/2024

The news of Texas covered today includes: Our Lone Star story of the day: Two of the very good things accomplished by the Texas Legislature are paying off. Extra-territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) reform is restoring property rights and tax … [Read More...]

Trump, Abbott back Liz Case in HD71 | NGO tries to stop Texas’ look into its immigration activities – Pratt on Texas 2/21/2024

The news of Texas covered today includes: Our Lone Star story of the day: Attorney General Paxton has taken action to enforce a full investigation of one of the NGOs dealing with illegal immigrants. Many of these groups have long been … [Read More...]

Anti-Wimp: Hammer wielding man picks wrong house to invade

On Monday afternoon at about 4:30, Grayson County sheriff’s deputies responded to a call just east of Denison where they found a man shot.  The homeowner told police that a stranger “came to his door and forced entry into his home while … [Read More...]

Anti-Wimp: Hammer vs. Gun | HD83, HD68 & more races including Abbott’s Democrat DA pick – Pratt on Texas 2/20/2024

The news of Texas covered today includes: Our Lone Star story of the day: Early voting is underway and I give my commentary on the HD83 race between Burrows and Cowan as well as comment on HD68 and other key races across Texas. The … [Read More...]

I review primary election voter recommendations | Cops shoot armed student in Mesquite – Pratt on Texas 2/19/2024

The news of Texas covered today includes: Our Lone Star story of the day: Early voting begins tomorrow, Tuesday, 20 February, for the Texas party primary elections. I review my voter recommendations and reasoning. Our Lone Star story … [Read More...]

Abbott backs Liz Case | DEI ongoing at Tx colleges | Where’s the Lubbock Co. game room ordinance? – Pratt on Texas 2/16/2024

The news of Texas covered today includes: Our Lone Star story of the day: Not only did I tell you and legislators "so," I told you how it would be done. Dallas Morning News headline: Hidden cameras aim to expose DEI efforts in Texas … [Read More...]

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On Virtue & the Republic

Republics are created by the virtue, public spirit, and intelligence of the citizens. They fall, when the wise are banished from the public councils, because they dare to be honest, and the profligate are rewarded, because they flatter the people, in order to betray them. — Edwin Meese III


On Political Pessimism

Defeatist cynicism is an arrogance that we too know an outcome – we do not. Our Creator expects us to fight for good until He ends the game, not us. — Robert W. Pratt


On Liberty

I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it. — Thomas Jefferson to Archibald Stuart


On Right

The fool is disturbed not when they tell him that his ideas are false, but when they suggest that they have gone out of style. — Nicolás Gómez Dávila


On Political Correctness

Political correctness never rears its ugly head independently. It always shows up as a series of actions designed, to this observer, to crush the souls of those blessed with common sense. — Milo Yiannopoulos


On pessimism and difficulty

When you encounter difficulties, you need to be optimistic. The pessimists tend to die. — Zhou Youguang


On American Liberals

Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views. — William F. Buckley, Jr.


On Universities

Universities have become a place to provide economic and political protection for those who hold economically and politically unworkable ideas. — Robert W. Pratt


On Rush Limbaugh

William F. Buckley is the esteemed father of the American conservative movement and gave it meaning; Ronald Reagan took conservatism to the public, showed it worked, and made it popular; Rush Limbaugh is the man who embedded political conservatism into our culture. — Robert W. Pratt


On Mistakes in Politics

Politics, as opposed to science, does not reward the correction of mistakes, given that correcting a mistake also entails admitting to having made one. Worse, the bigger the mistake, the greater the political urgency of defending it at all costs. — Lionel Shriver


On Rights and Freedoms

When we think of our rights and freedoms as rewards for good behavior, we lose. — Meghan Murphy


On Republican Moderates

Republican “moderates” rarely fight hard for anything, except for other Republicans giving up their principles. — Robert W. Pratt


On Judging Public Policy

Judge public policies by their results, not their intentions. – Milton Friedman


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