Fighting ESG not costing Texans big money, TAB wrong | Guv wants more $ for power plant building fund – Pratt on Texas 7/2/2024

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: The not-so-conservative Texas Association of Business, TAB, which holds great lobbyist sway in the legislature, issued a report claiming Texas’ fight against the Leftist E.S.G. movement is costing local Texas taxpayers big money. Well even if it is, it is still worth the fight but not to TAB whose members are very large corporations which often support Leftwing social movements. But worse for TAB’s questionable reputation, is that the group has not amended it’s report even after learning it was based on incorrect data. Read all about it here: Estimated $700 Million Cost of Texas Anti-ESG Laws Based on Faulty Data, New Report Asserts. Also see: Texas Anti-ESG Laws are Working as Intended.

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Gov. Abbott and Lt. Gov. Patrick want more money for the new low interest loan program for building new dispatchable electric power generation. ERCOT growth projections have leaders properly spooked.

More Supreme Court moves involving Texas and Texans:

And this great ruling: Judge Sides With 16 States, Putting on Pause Biden’s Delay of Consideration of LNG Export Projects

Texas sales tax collection is flat, with growth maybe lower than inflation.

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