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No worries, no commitments, and the finest service and care you will receive anywhere in the world. (From one of the nicest people you’ll every meet!)

Have a problem, have questions, want written quotes on work you already need done? Simply complete the form below and I’ll forward your information to Sylvia (Dr. Zuñiga) and she will write or call you.

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Dr. Silvia Zuñiga of Dento Care. The official dentist of Pratt on Texas.

I booked all on my own but if you end up traveling, we have professionals who can arrange everything you need from flights to hotels.

Mr. & Mrs. Peel of Lubbock say: We used your suggestion to go to Silvia in Costa Rica. She was wonderful. Instead of $7,400, I spent $1,640 and not only for my dental work but my husband’s too!.. It was a refreshing adventure and she guided us in things to do. Thank you for letting listeners know.

In my case, the total cost of the trip, including dental care, fine dining and much fun (including paying a private driver) came out to less than 30% of what the best, lowest local bids just covering the dental work came to! That’s right, a full international trip for less than 30% of just the cost of dental care in Texas.

Also, I had the full attention of Dr. Zuñiga for the entire time I was there – even after hours and on weekends if needed. If my flight had required such she was ready to begin on Saturday evening or Sunday if needed!

The best I can describe it is that it must be what being a billionaire Arab sheikh and having entire hospital floors, staff, and medical staff reserved for just you must be like!

Tom in Wichita Falls wrote: “I just returned yesterday from Costa Rica. I went there on your suggestion and cannot agree with you more. This was the best dental experience ever. I had a good bit of work done and Dr Zuniga was able to get it  all done in one day! The amount of care and attention was unbelievable. From the work itself and the follow up to make sure everything was great before I went home made this a great experience. While root canals and crowns are not fun, this was the way to do it. Thank you for recommending her and I certainly will be referring friends and family.”

I simply cannot put words to what a wonderful, unparalleled experience it was and the dental work was the best in the world (many of the world’s largest dental labs used by U.S. dentists are in Costa Rica too so services is quick.)

“Thank you for recommending Siliva. Her work and service was what you said it would be. Very good. It took me several months of listening to you and researching on the internet to finally decide to do it.  So glad I did.” – a Texas Aggie from the Big Country.

Listen to my most recent Pratt on Texas broadcast from DentoCare in Costa Rica in which I interview Dr. Zuñiga about her practiceclick here to listen.

Lelan wrote: “Just confirming excellent dental care in Costa Rica! Just returned (Jan. 2024) and couldn’t have had a better experience!”

Below the form you need to complete is a collage of photos I took to give you an idea of the wonderful place you’ll visit and to assure you that you’ll have all the comforts of home. By the way, the U.S. Dollar is taken most everywhere and most ATM’s provide U.S. Dollars as well as the local currency.

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