Railroad Commission upset was big but the stunner was in TX11

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Dems give Texas to a befuddled party-insider; anoint no one for US Senate; Cuellar beats back AOC & Bernie

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Democrat’s Leftward turn problematic, is reform possible?

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Texas pre-primary press coverage replete with wishful thinking

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March 2nd: Texas a free, sovereign, and independent republic!

According to the Texas State Library and Archives … [Read more...]

Mills: Oil company executives challenge candidates’ energy policy

By Alex Mills Tuesday is Super Tuesday. It is … [Read more...]

The whole of the Democratic Party is “off the rails”

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Coronavirus reporting & political commentary reaches new nadir

As early the beginning of February, the flu had … [Read more...]

Everytown admits it isn’t about “gun safety” but Texas press boosts group’s propaganda anyway

Last week several major Texas press outlets ran a … [Read more...]

Chris Ekstrom for Texas 13th Congressional District

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Lubbock Co. Commissioner, Precinct 1 race

The for Lubbock County Commissioner, Precinct 1 is … [Read more...]

Mills: Bloomberg’s money funds anti-fossil fuel agenda

By Alex Mills It is well known that … [Read more...]

Larry Doss for Place 4, Texas 7th Court of Appeals

Place 4, Texas 7th Court of Appeals I recommend … [Read more...]

In HD60 I recommend Jon Francis for state representative

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Mills: Oil prices decline as coronavirus expands

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Happy Saint Valentine’s Day – Texas style.

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Pratt’s 2020 Texas Republican Primary voter recommendations

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If illegal immigration fell by 90% it would still be scandalous

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Rep. Kay Granger; Dumb Dems in California; Double-Standard on Hunting Committee

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What does Trump have on the Mexican president?

Chihuahua Gov. Javier Corral says there is not … [Read more...]

Wishful thinking: Romney’s vote helps Dems challenging Cornyn

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Mills: Petroleum companies’ financial performance down

By Alex Mills As many oil and gas companies … [Read more...]

Maybe local officials are often so wrong because peers mislead them

Taylor County's Chuck Statler misleads officials … [Read more...]

Voter’s shock at Mayor-man-kisser’s homosexuality provides a lesson

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State Board of Education could go from disappointing to disastrous

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