Why it’s tough to get a full ban on red light cameras in Texas

Thenewspaper.com reports: “The red light camera … [Read more...]

Austin churches actively subvert due process and law

A story out of the San Antonio Express-News was … [Read more...]

Mills: Natural gas generates the most electricity

By Alex Mills Natural gas continues its streak … [Read more...]

Does authentic accomplishment matter to younger Americans?

Beto Pancho is the embodiment of social media … [Read more...]

“Fix” for school finance is the same old non-fix both parties repeat

“$9B more for schools, raises for state workers in … [Read more...]

Is it weirdo Beto Pancho or just failed dilettante Beto Pancho?

Kyle Smith’s “Weirdo O’Rourke” story at National … [Read more...]

Trump calls out Beto Pancho’s aggressive hand gestures

While taking questions at the White House, … [Read more...]

Mills: Forecasters predict flat oil prices for 2019

By Alex Mills The price of crude oil in the … [Read more...]

There will be no “fix once and for all” for Texas public school finance

It’s time to once again claim my listener-given … [Read more...]

Voters must contact lawmakers NOW in support of HB2 & SB2 or lose out to local gov’t pressure

Severe March winds have struck and KFYO reported … [Read more...]

“Red for Ed,” UT’s admissions scandal, & a confused Lubbock mayor

I’m torn today on items to cover in this … [Read more...]

Mayors call it a “burden” on you to give you a say in big property tax increases

A collection of fake conservative mayors have … [Read more...]

Mills: Gasoline prices increased 3 cents this week

By Alex Mills Gasoline prices have been moving … [Read more...]

Senate leaders file good bill slapping George P. Bush in the political face

“With the support of Republican colleagues, state … [Read more...]

On the surface, not much reform obvious in HB3; the school finance reform bill

House public education committee chairman Dan … [Read more...]

Hubris stands out in Lubbock Co. medical examiner story

Jeff McDonald , writing for The San Diego … [Read more...]

Expect grandiose claims on fixing Texas public school finance

Today is the day chairman of the Texas House … [Read more...]

Independence, Independence! Texas Separates from Mexico!

Saturday, March 2nd, is Texas Independence … [Read more...]

Mills: Investors seek increased returns from oil producers

By Alex Mills Even though crude oil prices have … [Read more...]

North Korea: Trump’s walking away was leadership of historic proportion

This commentary is, by design, most often focused … [Read more...]

Poll: Overwhelming support of 2.5% trigger for local tax increase ratification elections; expect onslaught of negative claims to change opinion

Texans, get ready for an onslaught of … [Read more...]

Why you need to push legislators to pass HB2 and SB2 now

When appraised value goes up and local officials … [Read more...]

Rule of 72 and why any election-trigger property tax cap above 3% is a failure

Helpful to taxpayers as we discuss property tax … [Read more...]

Property tax reform: Reducing amount of tax increases is not funding cut

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Mills: Oil prices rise as OPEC production declines

By Alex Mills The price of crude oil continued … [Read more...]

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