Why reporters are shocked when a Republican or conservative disagrees with Trump

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Mills: EIA forecasts stable energy prices in 2020

By Alex Mills Energy prices in the U.S. will be … [Read more...]

Should government help some and not others to vote?

It seems there is a large number of people out … [Read more...]

“Crazy Uncles” expose themselves in busing students to vote issue

Most find it frustrating to discuss politics or … [Read more...]

Texas legislators need to fix medical law that effectively denies due process

On Friday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and … [Read more...]

HD83: Democrat claims victimhood for criticism not levied

The man living as a woman in Snyder who is running … [Read more...]

Mills: Energy wins in U.S.-China trade agreement

By Alex Mills President Trump signed an … [Read more...]

Story on free gun locks in Texas is ridiculously slanted

Allie Morris, writing for Hearst newspapers, … [Read more...]

Leftist federal judge upsets refugee resettlement policy

Mark Steyn, while hosting for Rush, has often … [Read more...]

Wiccan, male living as female in Snyder, running for Texas’ HD83

I have given much attention to the tax increase … [Read more...]

Scurry County leaders are not truthful about consequences of rollback election passage

Among the most pernicious actions of Scurry … [Read more...]

Steve Evans hosts Pratt on Texas

Steve Evans, Lubbock County Republican Party … [Read more...]

The nastiness of Scurry County officials in trying to keep their massive tax increase.

On the subject of how nasty local government … [Read more...]

Scurry Co. Judge Dan Hicks tells yet another whopper!

Why are many citizens of Scurry County not … [Read more...]

Mills: Conflict erupts between U.S. and Iran, oil always in focus

By Alex Mills The recent events in Iraq – the … [Read more...]

Another silly Democrat lawsuit against Texas on voting rights filed

“The Texas Democratic Party, joined by two … [Read more...]

Australian wildfires: An inconvenient truth.

Is “climate change” behind this particularly … [Read more...]

Many have realized that Democrats have a perverted idea of “justice.”

Julian Castro represents so much of what is … [Read more...]

Did Pelosi forget the authorization of force Congress passed?

Among the things that have long mystified me is … [Read more...]

12th Day of Christmas, January 5th: Twelth Night, Eve of Epiphany

The Twelfth Day of Christmas - January 5th It … [Read more...]

11th Day of Christmas, January 4th

The Eleventh Day of Christmas - January … [Read more...]

10th Day of Christmas, January 3rd

The Tenth Day of Christmas - January … [Read more...]

Julian Castro demonstrates a problem with Democrat identity politics

“Former Obama Housing Secretary Julian Castro … [Read more...]

Mills: U.S. became largest producing country in 2010-2019 decade

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9th Day of Christmas, January 2nd

The Ninth Day of Christmas - January 2nd In the … [Read more...]

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