Listener: “Next Month Massengale” addresses Lubbock’s economic task force


I’m particularly relieved that [Lubbock city councilman] Massengale is heading up this effort; after all, he’s five months late (“but within budget”) in opening the doors of Citizen’s Tower, and by that measure, we can expect our area businesses to be back open by Halloween. At least we will all have “masks” to wear trick or treating.

Not ONE word in the AJ regarding yesterday’s rolling protest. Clearly, that event doesn’t fit the Mayor’s (nor his Propaganda Ministry’s) narrative that “it’s always a great day to live in Lubbock, Texas”.

Also for those of you keeping score, we’ve had 14 people murdered this year in Lubbock, two people shot dead by the police and one death with an undetermined cause as of today. By comparison, total homicides in 2018 reached 17, in 2019, 16 homicides were committed. Perhaps Massengale’s next special project can be to address an expanding murder rate.

On second thought, maybe not.

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