Listener: Amazed at lack of context on virus in Lubbock

Good Afternoon,

As I look at comments on the city info site I am amazed at how many are still calling for the continued or even complete shut down of the community. I listened this morning as a council member still defends the current position and yet wouldn’t provide an answer to the question of immediate city cut backs.

I took the time to do the math earlier  today based on the 4/14 info.   The county has 220 active cases and 25 deaths. That equates to .07% of the pop and .008% of the pop.

I hate that any deaths have occurred because of this but statistically the average monthly mortality rate for Lubbock County is .16% or 484 deaths per month.  Of that 123 are cancer related, 12 are suicide, 1.08 are drunk driving deaths, 16 are cirrhosis if the liver, and 7 are drug overdoses.   In Lubbock county your chances are .04 or 125 chances/month to be a victim of a violent crime.

Where’s the hysterical panic and outcry over that?

This virus is so far a one time event. On average in  our county there are 18 deaths monthly that are alcohol related. That’s over 200 deaths per year and yet we haven’t reinstated prohibition.

The hypocrisy of stifling the community over the statistical one time event verses the average statistical death rates is staggering


Cliff provided another update: Did a little more research today.  Lubbock County averages 117 deaths/year from the Flu and Pneumonia.  If you figure a 6 month infection period that is 16 deaths/month.

Note: This is published as sent, numbers have not been verified.


  1. It’s so good to hear some sanity on the airwaves through your show! Keep up the fight, brother! We need to hear someone speaking truth and common sense about the insanity that is going on in our country. The damage being done to people’s lives through freedoms taken away is FAR SURPASSING damage from COVID, and people are willingly laying down their humanity to hopefully save a few lives. ALL LIVES are important! And I agree with you about the propaganda. I am shocked to hear my friends, who I would consider to have a good head on their shoulders, just willingly give up so many freedoms…all in the name of helping others. We all want to do our reasonable civic duties to help sick people, but the same needs to be done to help the healthy as well!

    Thank you for preaching the message of truth every day! Keep up the good work!

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