Texas embassy plaque missing in Paris?


First, some background.  I have had something of an obsessive devotion to history for years.  By that I mean, forever.  As an Army brat returning to San Antonio after a good five years of living elsewhere, I got back to Texas just in time for the last half of seventh grade, and was delighted to see they taught Texas history.  In the Texas history text, they mentioned that Texas was one of only two states recognized by other countries as being independent.  It noted that the former Texas embassy in London was a wine shop.

Twenty-five years later, I had put together an extensive trip through Europe, including London and Paris.  I thought the trip worked out even better than I imagined until some time later, when I heard you mention the former Texas embassy locations in London and Paris.  Once I heard you mention that, I was at the house, swearing profusely and otherwise kicking myself for having been to both London and Paris and not having it cross my mind that I could still go to where the embassies were, and thus burnish my credentials as a true Texan.

Most of the past week I was in Paris, touring that city in anticipation of a concert that I and a friend would see in the southern Dutch city of Tilburg.  We had sen Amsterdam already and we knew some people in Paris who were willing to show us around and help us around the city when time allowed.  So when we got to Paris after some long flights (my friend had a distinct advantage flying from the East Coast whereas I had a 8.5 hour flight from DFW) we decided the best way to fight off fatigue and beat back jet lag was to stay awake and see what we could see in Paris.  Therefore I mentioned the former embassy, and it was a 18 minute walk away according to Google maps.  He agreed and off we went.

It was gorgeous weather the whole time we were over there – the Parisians complained that it was hot but to me it was a nice cool down from Texas.  We set off to 1 Place Vendome, for that was the address listed, and I had seen pictures online where there was a plaque on the wall indicating the building’s former status.  However, when we got there, we found the hotel that now stands there under renovation, and what I presume was the site of the plaque (“was” being the key word – see attached picture).

Of course, that blank space might have held something else entirely but this building was in fact 1 Place Vendome and to me it is a good educated guess that once upon a time that plaque once posted there indicated that the structure was once the Ambassade de Texas, as they say over there.

It was disappointing to see no plaque there, but nonetheless, I went there and visited, so I therefore burnished my credentials as a true Texan.  Now I need to visit the wine shop in London that once held the Texas embassy and of course the Historic French Legation in Austin.

– Steven in Swisher County

P.S. ALWAYS live tactically.  My friend lost his phone to a pickpocket within the first hour of our visit to Paris and we watched another happen right in front of us on the Metro later in the week.  Heads must remain on swivels, no matter if you are in Lubbock or Paris or…anywhere.


  1. You were at the correct address but the engraving is above the windows/doors.

    • Merci! (But the building was scaffolded, and it is undergoing renovation, so even if it were still there, it may have been obscured. No matter; for I will return to Paris to see it again.:) )

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