Listener: Wichita Falls mayor wastes time instead of taking needed action

Pratt,  It's concerning that the Mayor of … [Read more...]

Wichita Falls mayor pushes official censorship of elected officials?

Pratt, Love your show and when you visit our … [Read more...]

Listener: Abilene’s street maintenance correction notice

Pratt, Let me put it bluntly on behalf of all … [Read more...]

Connecting the water grabbers with the political and economic disease known as Neo-Marxism

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Listener: Dirt arena vs. $2 million for sheriff’s department?

Pratt, I won't bring up that the cut on the … [Read more...]

Listener: Plethora of sexual & other identities allows for economic leapfrogging

Pratt, I appreciate your commentary when I get … [Read more...]

Listener: Abilene ISD bond not good for Abilene but good for social climbers

Pratt, Well, here is my own opinion of what … [Read more...]

Listener: Lubbock ISD bond premature, ignores coming grants for school safety

Lubbock ISD put safety in their bond. This is just … [Read more...]

Adams: Groundwater is privately owned, not commonly owned

This "EPIC/FAIL" bill board faces west on the west … [Read more...]

Listener: O’Rourke 1 of 8 to oppose protecting Israel with Iron Dome

Robert, Among the  many reasons to say NO to … [Read more...]

Listener: Government beauty shop schools in Texas

Robert, Good rant on the lack of need for … [Read more...]

Listener: Abilene “smart” water meters a never ending expenditure program

Robert, I was driving in from work and heard … [Read more...]

Listener: Wichita Falls leaders will not accepting of voters’ decision

Dear Mr. Pratt, I am referencing the Wichita … [Read more...]

Unkempt San Jacinto Battleground a sign of declining Texas culture

Pratt on Texas Listener Club member Sid … [Read more...]

Amazingly people think bond debt is free money with little to no tax increase required

Listener Club member Susan writes from Wichita … [Read more...]

Boerne ISD: More administrators added, teachers cut

Hello Robert, It's surreal, like it's right out … [Read more...]

Listener: Teacher pay is a blessing, many just don’t know it.

My wife is a teacher, and we are two of the few … [Read more...]

Listener: Abilene City Council commentary w/Bruce Kreitler

Pratt, Well, the facts do not surprise me. It's … [Read more...]

Wichita Falls listener fed up local press, civic cheerleaders

Hi Robert, First off I want to thank you for … [Read more...]

Listener: Lubbock needs some dog parks! And…

Lubbock needs some dog parks! And an in-door … [Read more...]

Listener: Beware suspect sketches used by police

Dear Mr Pratt, I saw the DNA profile sketch … [Read more...]

Listener: George W. Bush’s anti-Trump comments costly

Mr. Pratt, I have been a huge supporter of the … [Read more...]

Listener: Why Liberals will never ban alcohol or pot

Pratt, Liberals almost uniformly condemn … [Read more...]

Listener: Renaming schools, what’s next?

Mr. Pratt, My school district has struck … [Read more...]

Listener: The McCain Mutiny

From Listener Club member JT: Sen John McCain; … [Read more...]

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