Listener Email: Castro’s “working families” and other word games


Your commentary on Julian Castro’s idea to put “working families first” got me thinking as things like this usually do (and by the way, you hit on it by pointing out the insane hours a lot of successful people work): Who doesn’t work?

Seriously, who doesn’t work?  I’ve known a total of one person in my life who didn’t work because he had a trust backing him up economically.  Sure, I’ve also known retirees.  Certainly we have all seen layabouts and bums on the street.  But for 90-95% of us, who doesn’t work?  Even if we dare to make a single penny above per capita income – an act the Castros and others see as criminal – who doesn’t work?

The language of the Left is easily defeated by asking simple questions as such and it is disheartening to see that hardly anyone does it, so far gone is the application of critical thinking in this country.  Not to mention that the use of such language as “working families”, “working class”, and so on is indicative of deep intellectual laziness.  Emotion cannot be divorced from humanity as it is part and parcel with being human, but constant emotional appeals done via the hijacking of language can only be the definition of vapidity and is no substitute for intellectual rigor.

An example of intellectual rigor is this, and I have clubbed my Statist and Statist leaning friends with this: when the Communists took over China in 1950, he decided that rich people were the problem and the rich people all needed to be killed.  China then promptly set a world record for the number of people plunged into extreme poverty.  Or we can look closer to our own time: Venezuela had its problems in the late 1990s, but they were nothing compared to what exists today, and today’s issues there were all caused by the State’s war on the successful in society.  (But Leftists like the Castros, among many others, prefer you forget about such brutal facts and instead extol how virtuous it is to have the State steal from people they don’t like simply because they are successful, by assuring us that such immorality is for the good of the “working people”.  Again, as if successful people do not work.)

– Steven, from Swisher County

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