Listener: Questions surrounding Lubbock’s Nursing Home COVID19 Outbreak

Questions surrounding Lubbock’s Whisperwood Nursing Home COVID19 Outbreak

1. On February 28th, 2020, COVID19 was identified as the cause of the Washington State nursing home deaths that soon dramatically escalated in number. In Lubbock, a staff member at Whisperwood tested positive for COVID19 on Tuesday, March 24th 2020, three weeks after the WA State nursing home outbreak.

QUESTION: Why didn’t the Lubbock Health Department (36 employees, $686,000 annual budget) recognize Lubbock nursing homes as potential hotspots for COVID19 and immediately isolate and monitor the facilities for the three weeks between the WA State outbreak and the Whisperwood staffer testing positive?

2. The infected Texas Tech student arrived at the Lubbock Airport the evening of Sunday, March 15th, 2020. The Lubbock Health Department has accounted for only a small portion of the student’s whereabouts between landing at the airport until the next day, Monday, March 16th when the student was tested positive for COVID19 at UMC.


Where else did the Tech student visit and who did she visit with prior to the student’s arrival at UMC on Monday March 16?

Did the Tech student cross paths with the Whisperwood staffer?

Did the Tech student (or any member of the student’s family) visit the Whisperwood Nursing Home prior to the Whisperwood staffer testing positive on March 24?

Does any member of the Tech student’s family reside at Whisperwood?

Why won’t the Lubbock Health Department detail the student’s whereabouts on Monday, March 16th?

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