Hutto laid off city workers, how about LEDA and cities?


As per your comments yesterday, I don’t take satisfaction in anyone getting laid-off but it does seem appropriate for “non-essential workers” in government to be laid-off.

Hutto Texas seems to get it as they laid off quite a few people:

Who are the non-essential workers in Lubbock?  Is the Lubbock Economic Development Alliance (LEDA) essential?  Their rent every month is reportedly over $18000.  The CEO makes over $300,000/year.  He’s an affable guy but that’s not the point.  I wonder what the entire LEDA payroll is?  Buddy Holly Museum or the Silent Wings Museum?  We all love those but are they essential?  Are they still on the payroll?  In the meantime I’ve noticed quite a few potholes around town and hung up stoplights without maintenance.  What gives?  Did we lay off these people?

In Schindler’s List the “Essential Workers” would receive a Blauschein Card.  This would allow him to live a little longer as slave labor.  So, which line do I need to stand in to get my Blauschein?


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