Is eugenics behind part of the Covid-19 vaccine push? A few observations from a nurse

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There is NO clinical evidence that Covid-19 vaccines are safe for pregnant women.

  • At the end of July, Pfizer released its 6 months of safety data on the Covid-19 vaccine. It stated: “this report does not address VE [“vaccine efficacy”] and safety in pregnant women and in children younger than 12 years.”
  • Moderna didn’t even start to study the safety of the vaccine on pregnancy and birth outcomes until September 1st.

Never in history, has any vaccine been advised for pregnant women or children that hasn’t completed long-term safety and efficacy studies and achieved full FDA-approval.

Young people, and even more so females, are at extraordinarily low risk from Covid-19, approaching zero. Pregnant women are more likely to have no symptoms at all, compared to non pregnant women, a review of over 67,000 pregnant women found. There is even no good evidence that pregnant women hospitalized for Covid-19 have a higher risk of dying, and, in fact, appear to even have lower risks.

The CDC’s Covid-19 Pregnancy Registry Team published its preliminary findings of the vaccine in pregnant women in the New England Journal of Medicine on June 17th. It found (see Table 4) that 96 out of 104 spontaneous abortions occurred before 13 weeks gestation (during the first trimester) – 92.3% of spontaneous abortions occurred in the first trimester!

So, what did they conclude? They stated they saw no indications of “any obvious safety signals with respect to pregnancy or neonatal outcomes associated with Covid-19 vaccination in the third trimester of pregnancy.”  [emphasis added to show how deceptively words are used]

They knew. Just as any virology and immunology and responsible medical professional would, and decades of medical literature have shown, the dangerous effects of mRNA vaccines for viruses.

VAERS [“vaccine adverse events reporting” system of the CDC and FDA] has recorded 1,969 cases of babies lost during pregnancy (fetal deaths, premature abortions, etc.) as of Sept 24th.

  • This is about same number of babies as have been lost after all of the vaccines given for the past 30 years.
  • Medical professionals have recognized that miscarriages are especially under-reported to VAERS because they are harder to recognize as associated with the vaccine, and doctors receive a penalty for falsely reporting a miscarriage to VAERS.
  • These reports of deaths of babies do not even include birth defects and other pregnancy complications.

Warning graphic link:

Yet, young women of childbearing age are being pushed to get the vaccine, a vaccine that is still not FDA-approved, and these women and their families are not given full disclosures and informed consent.

This is not about good science or medicine. This is not about medical ethics or caring for people. We are witnessing eugenics.

Sandy Szwarc, BSN, RN

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  1. In medicine, when it comes to innocent lives, the long-held adage in medicine is “first, do no harm.” In a world where we are all inundated by scares and uncertain data, the risks of Covid-19 have been heightened, while the potential harm of interventions are seldom mentioned or openly discussed. Covid has grown into a monstrous political and profit issue that is playing out in media. This departure from the scientific process is concerning. The conflicts of interest behind the vaccine are undeniable. We have to remember that the vaccines being given these young women are still considered investigational, which gives companies immunity from liability.

    As Michelle Malkin has noted [], clearly risks have to be put into context and the background (normal) miscarriage rate is 10-15%. But what concerns many professionals about the long-term safety of these new vaccines for Mothers-to-be and their babies is that we “just don’t know.” None of the clinical trials conducted by the vaccine-makers for FDA emergency use authorization included pregnant women.

    The actual clinical trials to determine if the vaccines are safe for pregnant women and their babies are at least two years from being completed. We simply don’t know yet. With this much uncertainty and so much at stake, women deserve to be able to make their own informed decision for themselves and their babies.

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