Listener: Tyranny cloaked in kindness is insidious and deadly to a free nation

Dear Robert,

Of all the things that we as a nation have had to face in the 243 years of our existence, this COVID19 virus nationwide closing of so-called “NON-ESSENTIAL” businesses, is just breath-taking!! Being a lover of freedom and liberty, I am watching and hearing of tyrannical despots dressed as mayors and other city and county officials, gobbling up our God-given rights of freedom for members of churches to gather to worship, freedom to travel, and freedom to deal in commerce.

As a child and teen in school, I had only read about such things happening to our forefathers, and their response to those who desired to take away the liberties endowed to them by Our Creator! Almost all of the signers of that wonderful document that we cherish, “The Declaration of Independence,” penned their signatures at the bottom of that document, knowing that their livelihood, their families, their homes, and their own lives could and would, in many of those cases, be the price for their desire of a country where all men could be free as God designed! And, yes, many of those signers paid the ultimate price so that their descendants and other lovers of liberty could enjoy what they so much longed to have themselves.

What would these patriots think of us now? What would our precious ancestors think of us right now?

I know my own dear father, who fought in World War II, would have been beyond sad and depressed at how quickly we gave over our freedoms that he fought for for some trite thing as a sense of security. He saw for himself what the Nazis did to those that stood in their way. He was nearly killed on several occasions including the landings on the Normandy beaches, the Battle of the Bulge, the Battle of the Hedgerows, and the Battle of the Hurtgen Forest, where many outfits were almost completely destroyed, scattered, and confused-few remained alive in some divisions, my father, being one of the survivors, who was nearly killed there. How could I face my dad and tell him that we failed to keep the country he loved free!

Tyranny cloaked in kindness is insidious and deadly to a free nation…

Tyranny cloaked in kindness is insidious and deadly to a free nation, especially when about half of the country would rather not have to think for themselves or take responsibility for their lives.

God help me to never to lose my mind to the point that I would endanger my own, my children, and now my grandchildren’s lives for “government security” and a measly crumb of bread from their power greedy hands.

In a conversation with one of the members of our church assembly, we agreed that we are living in very strange circumstances as we are actually having to meet together as an assembly under duress for fear of the authorities! Oh, God, help us! Oh, God, help our nation’s eyes to be opened! Oh, God, deliver us from evil men who use anything that comes to hand to advance their agenda for more power!

Has our time come to have to physically defend again those same liberties that were won for us nearly 244 years ago?

Has our time come to have to physically defend again those same liberties that were won for us nearly 244 years ago? I hope that will not have to happen, but would I be willing if the need arises? Would I have their will, courage and strength to do this all over again after so much blood, sweat and tears has drenched the soil of this land since the inception of this great country?

Lover of my country and especially my adopted Texas home,



  1. Robin Stewart says

    When I heard Robert read this letter on the show today, it brought tears. Words so eloquently and gracefully written. True words, from the heart to the heart of every American. Thank you, Mary, for sharing your truth with Robert, and thank you, Robert, for sharing her truth with us.
    God’s blessings.

  2. I am in total agreement with these somber words
    And appreciate the gumption of such a fine lady and her right to speak so clearly, I lack the ability to articulate my thoughts on such a topic.

    “ When in the course of human events it becomes necessary…”

  3. Les Sanders says

    Very well said! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Geraldine Gentry says

    Mary Alice, you spoke my sentiments and concerns exactly. I couldn’t have voiced it nearly as well though.’
    May God have mercy on us! That is my prayer.

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