Paid to lobby? Texas Cops Get Overtime For Supporting Red Light Cameras

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After Challenging Red Light Cameras, Man Fined for Practicing Engineering Without a License

When Mats Järlström's wife got snagged by one of … [Read more...]

Europe Lowers Speed Camera Tolerance To Raise Revenue

Malta and The Netherlands experiment with zero … [Read more...]

Dallas extends baneful red light camera program

The Dallas Morning News reports: "Dallas' … [Read more...]

Appellate court says Houston on hook for legal bills in battle over red light camera records

The ten-year battle that led to the end of red … [Read more...]

More evidence red light cams are about cash, not safety

City intends to lock in extra red light camera … [Read more...]

Another form of scandalous photo ticketing in Texas

Photo ticketing company BusGuard has teamed up … [Read more...]

Engineering improvements beat red light cameras for safety

Annual report shows engineering improvements beat … [Read more...]

Group Calls On Austin To Refund Illegally Issued Photo Tickets

Campaign for Liberty calls on Austin, Texas to … [Read more...]

Poof! Hays County school zone cameras gone

By Mark Lisheron of With little … [Read more...]

Hays County school-zone camera program could prove a costly mistake

By Mark Lisheron  of Facing a … [Read more...]

Could millions in Austin red light camera fines be nullified?

Is it possible that nearly $6 million in citations … [Read more...]

Red light camera company lawyer calls for reform of the ballot initiative process in Texas

Texas activists have been blocked several times … [Read more...]

Richardson suspends red light camera program

The city of Richardson on Wednesday stopped … [Read more...]

Legal Attack On Texas Red Light Cameras Spreads

Lawsuits multiply against Texas jurisdictions that … [Read more...]

Red light cameras, kicking and screaming

By Mark Lisheron  /   July 13, 2016  /   … [Read more...]

Jersey Village, Texas voters are first to want red light cameras

Jersey Village, Texas red light camera program … [Read more...]

Texas Attorney General Rules Against Camera Use For Auto Insurance Tickets

Jonathan Miller will not be selling his automated … [Read more...]

Texas: Camera Company Reveals Anti-Referendum Strategy

City council in Jersey Village, Texas deploys … [Read more...]

Another city learns red light cameras don’t work

San Francisco, California red light camera annual … [Read more...]

Smith Co. fights AG subpoena on school zone speed cameras

The Tyler Morning Telegraph reports: "Billing … [Read more...]

Red Light Cameras Fail To Reduce Accidents In Tucson, Arizona

Accident analysis shows no safety benefit to photo … [Read more...]

Jersey Village could become the 7th Texas town where voters ban red light cameras

Jersey Village may soon become the seventh city in … [Read more...]

Third Guilty Plea In Redflex Red Light Camera Scandal

Redflex lobbyist admits extortion in ongoing photo … [Read more...]

ATS Returns To Court To Block Anti-Camera Vote

Traffic camera company tells Texas Court of … [Read more...]

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