Texas Appeals Court Takes On Red Light Camera Hearings

image: camera lensAttorney Russell J. Bowman is hoping to bring down red light cameras in all the Texas cities where officials have failed to comply with the law. He made his case last week to the state Court of Appeals, hoping to create precedent from his win before a district court judge.

Redflex, an Australian company, sent Bowman a ticket in the mail three years ago for an offense that he did not commit. In the course of fighting back, Bowman uncovered the city of Richardson’s failure to comply with the provision of the Texas red light camera statute requiring cities to perform engineering studies before installing cameras.

Richardson attorney Victoria W. Thomas asked the Court of Appeals to throw out the case entirely because Bowman failed to follow the “proper” procedure. Thomas insisted that Bowman should have made his case before an administrative hearing officer hired by the city, and exhausting all of his options before bringing it to a higher court. Scott Stewart, Bowman’s attorney, blamed the city for the situation, as Bowman tried to have an administrative hearing, but the city withheld the evidence he needed to make a proper defense.

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