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Your property “tax rate” is meaningless by itself

I know it's hard to believe but in the sense of knowing whether your local county, city or school district is raising or lowering your taxes, the tax rate they all talk about is … [Read More...]

Lubbock Police: Some non-cooperative in case of missing woman, Linda Gail Wilhite

$2,000 reward in case announced "Due to the circumstances surrounding the case, we believe that Ms. Wilhite may have sustained serious injury. Additionally, the lack of … [Read More...]

Paul R. Beane hosts Pratt on Texas

Legendary broadcaster Paul R. Beane guest hosts Pratt on Texas today. Give him a call at 800-697-0790. … [Read More...]

Mills: EPA Commends Texas Environmental Program, Press Gives Different Impression

By Alex Mills Newspapers across Texas ran a story on Aug. 24 proclaiming that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a report on Aug. 15 that “there is a significant … [Read More...]

Austin-insider war on the Railroad Commission?

Is there an Austin-insider war on the Texas Railroad Commission and our energy industry? A Texas Tribune story on a recent hearing in Austin reported about the Sunset Review … [Read More...]

Lubbock-area news for 8/25/2016

Lubbock Mayor Requests Review Of Health Benefits For Council Members North Lubbock Boil Water Notice Remains in Effect Thursday Council to decide on juvenile curfew, … [Read More...]

Abilene-area news for 8/25/2016

Abilene Curbside Recycling Proposal Nixed for Now, more Abilene Bond Projects Completed On Time, Under Budget City giving away 100 rain barrels Friday Abilene ISD … [Read More...]

Wichita Falls-area news for 8/25/2016

Wichita Falls ISD increases spending by about $200,000 in new budget, more - another example of journalists getting it completely wrong by not understanding what a tax rate is and … [Read More...]

Lubbock-area news for 8/24/2016

City of Lubbock still laying off baseball pitch Boil Water Notice Continues for N. Lubbock on Wednesday New Study Lists Most Dangerous Intersections in Lubbock VIDEO … [Read More...]

Abilene-area news for 8/24/2016

Taylor County District Clerk Patricia Henderson retiring Mulch, recycling topics at Abilene City Council meeting 3 Abilene locations make list of most dangerous … [Read More...]

Wichita Falls-area news for 8/24/2016

Write-in candidate files for Wichita County constable Kell Blvd & McNeil Ave and Kell & Kemp make list of most dangerous intersections in Texas HHH numbers likely … [Read More...]

TEA pushing Legislature for ineffective feel-goodism

The headline was: 900 cases in 5 years: Texas Education Agency to ask lawmakers to help curb teacher/student sex. The San Antonio Express-News story began with: "In five years, 893 … [Read More...]

Texana 8/23/2016

Governor’s Commission For Women Announces 2016 Texas Women’s Hall Of Fame Inductees In Pictures: Waco's Awakening A schoolmarm saved Depression-era Wichitans from ruin … [Read More...]

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