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Mills: Consumers Enjoy Decline In Gasoline Prices

By Alex Mills The oversupply of crude oil and gasoline in the U.S. has created a happy motoring atmosphere from coast-to-coast. The national average for gasoline prices was … [Read More...]

Lubbock-area news for 7/28/2016

Council to see plans for Citizens Tower interior, also talk budget Texas Tech Vice Provost to Temporarily Head U.S. Embassy in Nigeria New Director Named to Lead Texas … [Read More...]

Abilene-area news for 7/28/2016

Tax rate increase approved by Abilene City Council in first reading, more Abilenians sought for curbside recycling program, deadline Monday Abilene officials concerned … [Read More...]

Wichita Falls-area news for 7/28/2016

District Clerk: Rise in court fees could cause drop in revenue Overall taxable values fairly steady, minerals take toll Strong Storms Possible Tonight, Friday Morning … [Read More...]

Lubbock-area news for 7/27/2016

Fallout continues from cancellation of children's fishing derby TxDOT closes right lane on N. Loop 289 at US 84 for sign installation Summer Heat Brings LP&L to … [Read More...]

Abilene-area news for 7/27/2016

Abilene tax rate could rise in 2017 to cover debt - when people vote for bond debt the often think it's free money and are often encouraged so to do by those promoting the bond. … [Read More...]

Wichita Falls-area news for 7/27/2016

Grievance Committee Votes on Pay Raise for Wichita Co. Constable, more Pay raises, new staff positions add $3.9 million to WFISD budget Local government workers rarely … [Read More...]

The hubris of Michelle O’s convention speech

Pratt, While everyone falls all over themselves praising Michelle Obama’s fabulous speech, I say it stinks of Hubris. Why?  Well, the most highlighted line of her speech is  … [Read More...]

Democrat discomfiture with the flag

If you want to see dissimulation, pretentious fakery, on full parade just tune into the Democrat's convention where many speakers attempt to hide their decidedly anti-American … [Read More...]

Lubbock-area news for 7/26/2016

Lubbock to remain on Stage 1 water restrictions despite increased usage Lubbock Law Enforcement Give Pullover Tips VIDEO "It Can Wait Simulator" Presentation Planning at … [Read More...]

Abilene-area news for 7/26/2016

City of Abilene May Implement New Water Quality Monitoring System VIDEO City Council Seeks Civic Center Improvements Wylie rezoning item back on Abilene City Council … [Read More...]

Wichita Falls-area news for 7/26/2016

Wichita Falls ISD Considers Tax Rate Increase - they can't live with less of your money but you can! WFISD looking at a half-cent tax rate increase WFISD Budget … [Read More...]

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These folks help bring you Pratt on Texas

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