Mark McBrayer, Lubbock mayor candidate | Kerrville demands permit for political speech; Fort Worth discriminates based on speech – Pratt on Texas 4/19/2024

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: Lubbock is facing a big mayoral election that will either further empower the tax and spenders or, will restore discipline and trust at City Hall. I talk with candidate for mayor Mark McBrayer about the issues including why big money developers are working to elect his tax raising opponent.

(By the way, McBrayer properly, in his own, requested air time the way all candidates must. No other Lubbock mayor candidate has wanted to appear on the show and some are even afraid to appear at local forums! I’m always amazed at people who run for office but are afraid to be questioned.)

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Texas sets more employment records, unemployment rate falls.

Oil and gas rig count goes up by 2 this week in the Baker Hughes report.

Two stories from the stench-of-local-government stack:

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