Removal effort of Travis Co. DA not GOP-tied | Lubbock’s pivot point election – Pratt on Texas 4/22/2024

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: Travis County’s far-left, Soros-backed, district attorney could be the first to face possible removal under last session’s HB17. And despite the Lefty DA claiming it’s all “MAGA Republican” partisanship, it turns out that the petitioner appears motivated by her experience with the DA’s office on a sexual assault case in which she was the victim.

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Lubbock is facing a big mayoral election that will either further empower the tax and spenders and those who think their business deals more important than the property rights of working citizens or, will restore fiscal discipline and trust in fairness at City Hall.

When combined with the pro-marijuana use proposition on the ballot, this election could be the pivot point of a generation in Lubbock sending the state’s largest strong Republican vote city into the abyss of urban Leftism. On the other hand, if voters install true conservative leadership at City Hall and reject, by a wide margin, the pot-prop the city could add years to its success in not falling down the urbanism slide to leftism.

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