Bird flu hits Texas agriculture; people scare is media creation | Texas economy outpaces nation – Pratt on Texas 4/2/2024

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day:  Avian, or bird, flu is found in Texas. A dairy work has a case, it’s a mild illness, some dairy cows have it, and now poultry have it. The only area for panic is for the economic loss to dairies and poultry farms and that it might raise some prices but, don’t worry, the always reliable to push scare media is at work. I give a good example with a Politico story.

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Texas’ economy again grows faster than the nation’s and the March sales tax report is a good one – note that Q1, 2024 is not very strong and lags inflation.

Rick Perry’s slow destruction of his Texas political legacy and goodwill; Silliness in the Texas House GOP caucus, and; Abbott raises funds in NYC.

An interesting one for the local grand jury: ‘I got something gangster for you’: Waco man accused of threatening ex with ‘AK-47′ style weapon because she was listening to rap music

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