Lynn Co.’s unethical election | New Tx polling | DeVillier wins | Judge Jack should fine self – Pratt on Texas 4/16/2024

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: The old fossil federal judge, Janis Jack, is at it again – thinking she can just mandate, fiat, that a giant government bureaucracy work the way she wants. Jack demonstrates much of what is wrong with liberal Democrats. Texas fined $100,000 daily in foster care abuse lawsuit.

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New likely voter polling out in Texas shows Trump with huge lead but Ted Cruz in a much tighter race.

U.S. Supreme Court says DeVillier can sue Texas for flood damage the state created. State of Texas says it won the case – it’s all a bit confusing. This story gives a better understanding of what happened.

Lynn County’s hospital district engages in a setup election to pass a huge tax increase. Unethical and immoral – one polling place in the county and it’s at the hospital!

New Braunfels ISD’s Staffing Decision Hints at a Larger Problem – what it reminds is that “temporary” government spending almost always become permanent government spending which translates into permanently higher taxes.

Border related news:

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