Where is TX19’s Arrington getting the money?

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Reporter obsessed with Pratt on Texas commentaries on TX19 race

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Why it’s so easy to vote for Robertson in TX19

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TX19: Arrington wants to keep the part of Obamacare that ensures financial failure

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TX19: Absurd flipping of reality by Arrington

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TX19: Arrington campaign brings Democrat group into GOP Primary

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TX19: Arrington tries to pull a fast one on FDIC scandal

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TX19: Arrington gets it right, about himself

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TX19: Border Patrol backs Robertson, sums up Arrington in one line

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TX19: Arrington’s life doesn’t match his contrived image

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TX19: Listener gets Arrington camp to stop calling

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Word of the Day: “Unimpressed” with Jodey Arrington’s authenticity

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Word of the Day: “Colloquial” – Arrington is a “cheater”

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TX19: Starr-backing PAC spent big on “legal services”, reimbursed Lubbock’s Fred Underwood $5375

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TX19: Is Jodey Arrington breaking law in run for Congress?

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TX19: Sorry Jodey backers, Arrington did request $90,000 to outfit his TTU offices

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TX19: There is a big difference runoff candidates

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TX19: Arrington hires “smear merchant” as campaign manager

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Can’t beat Federal bureaucracy by empowering more bureaucrats

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TX19: Arrington & the European Union

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TX19: Robertson has been an open book for decades

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TX19: Arrington’s FDIC record is as slimy as Washington, DC

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TX19: Starr disobeyed some orders but offered no resistance to promoting LGBTQ’s mainstreaming in the service.

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Pratt’s GOP Primary recommendation changes

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