TX19: Listener gets Arrington camp to stop calling

Hello Pratt,

Enjoyed your valuable information on the programs at the end of last week regarding Jody Arrington.   It made me think of a phone call I got from his campaign a couple of weeks ago.   I had gotten at least 2 to 3 calls a day and the same with emails every day plus text messages on a daily basis.  I had answered an email and text and told them I would not be voting for Jody and to remove me from the contact lists.   Then the day finally came when I got fed up and answered one of the calls.

The man on the other end started the old spiel regarding how great Jody is, blah, blah, blah, and then asked me if I would vote for him.  I told him NO.  He wanted to know why.  I told him that Jody is an establishment and career politician at which point he went off on me and was trying to “correct my thinking”, that Jody is not any of that.   I told him I don’t care, he is exactly what I want to see cleaned out of the government.

The guy went off again, telling me how stupid I am and then asked again why I wouldn’t vote for him.   At that point I was so disgusted all I said was, “I don’t like the man!”   That startled the guy then he wanted to know why.  I told him,  “it doesn’t matter “why”.  I just DON’T LIKE HIM AND WON’T VOTE FOR HIM, IS THAT PLAIN AND SIMPLE ENOUGH FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND, MORON?”   And furthermore, remove me from your calling list and don’t ever call me again!!!”

I guess the message finally got thru, haven’t gotten a call, text or email since!  The insistence went over the top and I don’t regret one bit telling the guy what I think.   Period.   Sure has saved me a lot of aggravation!


Pratt note: Just a note for some, not G. who didn’t bring it up, but political speech is protected and no-call lists and the like do not apply to political calls.

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