In anti-Israel action, Beto Pancho O’Rourke added a flip to his flip-flop

Either O'Rourke is anti-Israel or he is ignorant … [Read more...]

In Cruz race, press turns even “tofu” humor sour

Here is how bad it is with the state’s cadre of … [Read more...]

Ted Cruz right on liberals going nuts; Challenge from O’Rourke is real

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Clinton, O’Rourke & others use morality only to advance their political power

Another in that alternate universe of Leftist … [Read more...]

Mills: Natural Gas Becomes Largest Sources Of Electricity Generation

By Alex Mills Natural gas has become the major … [Read more...]

Beto Pancho’s national service idea antithetical to Americanism

Remember back when Robert Francis, Beto Pancho, … [Read more...]

Abbott must push hard on red light camera ban

The Dallas Morning News reported that the “idea … [Read more...]

Where are the guarantees Abilene electronic water meters will deliver claimed savings?

Abilene officials are pushing to spend around … [Read more...]

Houston shows pro-growth capitalism, not talk, leads to real cultural diversity

True cultural diversity, much celebrated by the … [Read more...]

West Texas industry an example of how consistently wrong liberals have been

“West Texas oil constraints coming faster than … [Read more...]

Mills: Industry scrambles to relieve oversupply in Permian Basin

By Alex Mills The Permian Basin of West Texas … [Read more...]

Reported sexual exploitation in Texas public schools growing

Another public school year is upon us with … [Read more...]

When and where has loosened sexual morality reduced abuse?

In a column at National Review headlined “Sexual … [Read more...]

O’Rourke’s character & beliefs don’t matter to many voters

There was an AP story out near the end of August … [Read more...]

Mills: Crude oil, gasoline prices rise as inventories decline

By Alex Mills Global crude oil inventories are … [Read more...]

Mills: Trump’s EPA Proposal Will Return Regulations To The States

By Alex Mills The Environmental Protection … [Read more...]

Fall & winter bring big challenges to Texas’ future

I have told my audience many times last summer and … [Read more...]

“The Battle for Houston” is a battle for all Texans

In a City Journal piece headlined “The Battle for … [Read more...]

Is Lubbock’s Randy Jordan being truthful on dirt-event arena financing?

Is Lubbock’s Randy Jordan being truthful? In a … [Read more...]

Clardy has the arrogance and duplicity required to be Speaker of the Texas House

State Rep. Travis Clardy, reared in Lubbock, … [Read more...]

Does the new school rating system inflate performance?

When I bring up much of anything to do with public … [Read more...]

Mills: China Imports Large Quantities Of Texas Oil And Gas

By Alex Mills Even though recent international … [Read more...]

A big name no replacement for big ability for P. Bush

From the Austin American-Statesman: Less than a … [Read more...]

Award-winning school leader says new A-F rating system good but INFLATES all schools’ ratings

via press release: Rise Academy’s pass rates … [Read more...]

Is Lubbock-Cooper ISD’s “B” really an “F” rating?

The oh-so-dreaded, by educrats, A to F public … [Read more...]

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