Lubbock County voters have a chance to elect a pro-taxpayer county judge today, if they vote

In the Lubbock County GOP race for county judge, … [Read more...]

Pratt on Texas extended until 10pm for primary election runoff coverage tonight

It is party primary runoff election day. You … [Read more...]

Focusing on murder requires a look at morality; Focusing on tools of murder is to do nothing

In a statement issued Friday, after learning of … [Read more...]

Mills: Gasoline Price Rises As Supplies Drop

By Alex Mills Rising gasoline prices have been … [Read more...]

Lubbock County judge hopeful gets telling endorsement

Republicans do not have a statewide runoff but … [Read more...]

DMN editors want Republicans to select liberal-friendly speaker of the Texas House

Laughably, the self-described liberals on the … [Read more...]

Runoffs: Boren is right for Lubbock County; Democrats tepid on gubernatorial candidates

Political party runoff elections are Tuesday, May … [Read more...]

Legislators need to stop Texas Tech’s political advocacy

Last year I published a story demonstrating that … [Read more...]

Why does Texas Tech not treat traditional ideas equally?

Last summer we learned that we are paying for … [Read more...]

Mills: Crude Oil Surpasses $70 Per Barrel

By Alex Mills Crude oil prices in the U.S. … [Read more...]

Why support Texas Tech if it doesn’t support you?

“Lovely way for Tech to make the national … [Read more...]

More evidence of O’Rourke’s deceptive nature

In my last commentary I pointed how Democrat U.S. … [Read more...]

The deceptive theater of O’Rourke’s no PAC money pledge

Robert Francis O’Rourke, the guy from El Paso many … [Read more...]

City not great according to Wichita Falls chamber chief

“Following the failure of six of the seven city … [Read more...]

Cox’s comments underscore intellectual problems with gun control arguments

In a column about the latest pushes for so-called … [Read more...]

May 5th local election comment: Wichita Falls & Lubbock

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 5th is local Election Day … [Read more...]

Voting: You are not electing a buddy but a representative

Saturday is Election Day for many local … [Read more...]

A new way to gain support for border security?

Breitbart Texas reported this week:  [Border … [Read more...]

Democracy is dangerous when it strays from governing basics

At election time we are often treated to rather … [Read more...]

Wichita Falls bond debt proposal requires 20% tax increase

Early voting in the local May 5th elections ends … [Read more...]

Mills: Oil Companies Focus On Future Financial Health

By Alex Mills Many oil and natural gas … [Read more...]

Swamp derails Admiral Jackson’s nomination, but did Trump actually push back?

The Democrats and the DC Swamp derailed … [Read more...]

Voters should demand rational argument on local issues

Many of you face local elections on May 5th for … [Read more...]

Cases in the news show why we need regular audits of entities spending tax money

“Coldspring residents near the courthouse square … [Read more...]

Comment & recommendations on the May 5th elections

Early voting in local elections is upon us having … [Read more...]

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