Liberal city leaders oppose law and order in Texas

According to the Austin American-Statesman, Dallas … [Read more...]

If you want local growth, work to lower local property taxes

Timothy Chipp of the Abilene Reporter-News … [Read more...]

7-Elevens’ story is Texan. Happy 7/11 Day!

Every year, Texas-founded 7‑Eleven stores throw a … [Read more...]

Texas A&M officials offer up disproved socialist ideas

Hey Texas Aggies, how does it strike you to hear … [Read more...]

We need a conservative and principled leader as Texas House speaker

Last week the headline was “EPA Administrator … [Read more...]

Mills: Petroleum Industry Shows Economic Muscle

By Alex Mills The headlines in three separate … [Read more...]

“Bizarre” ideas on Rule of Law in the City of Austin

The Austin American-Statesman reports that when … [Read more...]

Happy Independence Day!

A prayer for Independence Day: Lord God … [Read more...]

Mills: Petroleum Industry Tries To Sort Out Market Uncertainties

By Alex Mills Life in the oil and gas industry … [Read more...]

Think it’s bad now in Mexico? Wait until after Sunday.

I recently pointed out the absurdity of such … [Read more...]

Texas Democrats have a bad few days post convention

It was a bad weekend and Monday for Texas … [Read more...]

Now authoress Laura Ingalls Wilder gets Leftist erasure

Remember Little House on the Prairie? The TV show … [Read more...]

Mills: Worldwide Energy Demand Expected To Grow

By Alex Mills Crude oil and natural gas will … [Read more...]

Misleading border photo use shows silliness of approved journalists

It would easy to beat-up on the press for its … [Read more...]

Democrats appear to want illegal alien families to live “in the shadows”

It is now abundantly clear that Democrats and … [Read more...]

Bush signed law exploding child illegal immigration; detention environment better under Trump than Obama

In July of 2014, during the Obama administration, … [Read more...]

Juneteenth proclaimed freedom in Texas but reminded that all must work

Yesterday lovers of Liberty recognized Juneteenth … [Read more...]

With conservatives leading, Austin-insiders would do well to work with them, not bash them

During last week’s Republican Party of Texas … [Read more...]

“Active Shooter” video game and the tastelessness of people

Remember the maxim: The answer to free speech we … [Read more...]

Re-elect Kreitler in Abilene’s Place 2 council race

Tomorrow, Saturday, 16th is city council runoff … [Read more...]

Loss of a hyphen a victory? Texas adopts divisive ethnic studies course.

Leftist activists in Texas this past week pushed … [Read more...]

Mills: Net Crude Oil And Petroleum Imports Drop To Historic Low

By Alex Mills Net crude oil and petroleum … [Read more...]

Texas GOP convention needs vigorous debate and hotly contested races

The Republican Party of Texas is about to host … [Read more...]

Plan to diminish Alamo heroes, fight for liberty at the site continues

George Rodriguez, writing for the Texas Scorecard, … [Read more...]

British woman births child, demands be listed as father on birth certificate

The world going to hell in a hand basket. The … [Read more...]

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