Mills: Democrats offer Green New Deal

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Dr. Merrill Matthews: Venezuelan Socialism Destroyed Its Energy Industry – and the Country

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Mills: Venezuela’s economy, oil production, government in trouble

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Mills: Oil & gas industry leaders predict increased activity this year

By Alex Mills The oil and gas industry expects … [Read more...]

Lubbock County Medical Examiner: Is this the invasion of the baby body snatchers?

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Mills: Not much optimism for increase in oil prices

By Alex Mills Accurately predicting the price … [Read more...]

Mills: Oil, natural gas prices reverse downward trend

By Alex Mills Crude oil and natural gas prices … [Read more...]

Mills: Oil, gasoline had largest losses of all commodities in 2018

By Alex Mills It is no surprise that crude oil … [Read more...]

Mills: Oil prices decline then recover during Christmas week

By Alex Mills Crude oil prices dropped $3 in … [Read more...]

Mills: Crude oil prices continue to decline

By Alex Mills Crude oil prices took another hit … [Read more...]

Mills: U.S. becomes net exporter of petroleum

By Alex Mills Just a week after OPEC members … [Read more...]

Mills: President Bush 41 Confronted Many Energy Issues

By Alex Mills Fate, in some respects, was not … [Read more...]

Mills: Controversial National Climate Assessment released

By Alex Mills The federal government has issued … [Read more...]

Mills: Volatile oil prices create confusion among traders

By Alex Mills The volatility in crude oil … [Read more...]

Mills: Oil prices decline, natural gas prices rise

By Alex Mills While crude oil prices have … [Read more...]

Mills: Voters defeat three referendums on energy

By Alex Mills The energy industry won three … [Read more...]

Mills: Survey finds more optimism among oil executive than in 2017

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Mills: Oil prices drop amid market uncertainty

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Connecting the water grabbers with the political and economic disease known as Neo-Marxism

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Mills: Analysts optimistic about fourth quarter

By Alex Mills Even though crude oil prices have … [Read more...]

Mills: Hurricane in Gulf of Mexico headlines energy news

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Mills: Crude Oil Prices Rise As Inventories Decline

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Mills: Many factors impact global crude oil markets

By Alex Mills Petroleum plays a dynamic role in … [Read more...]

Mills: Texas leads as U.S. become largest oil producer surpassing Saudi Arabia, Russia

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Mills: Natural Gas Becomes Largest Sources Of Electricity Generation

By Alex Mills Natural gas has become the major … [Read more...]

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