Pratt’s July 2020 Texas Republican Primary Runoff voter recommendations

Here are my voter recommendations in the 2020 Texas Republican Primary Runoff:

The WuFlu delayed Texas political party runoff elections are set for Tuesday, 14 July with Early Voting running Monday, 29 June through Friday, 10 July. [See full election calendar here.]

Texas 13th Congressional District:

Ronny Jackson

I fully recommend and endorse Dr. Ronny Jackson in the race for Congress. The retired Navy Rear Admiral and White House physician is an energetic conservative  focused on representing the people of Texas 13th district and helping President Trump battle the Washington swamp.

Jackson’s opponent is a career lobbyist backed by the entrenched D.C. swamp-swimmers including Beto O’Rourke’s traveling buddy and Texas’ most liberal Republican in DC Will Hurd. More despicable is the full-out attack on Admiral Jackson’s military service by using Jackson’s military postings as a tool to claim Jackson is somehow not from the region.

You can hear Jackson address some of these issues here:

Read more here: Why you should vote for Dr. Ronny Jackson

Texas House District 60:

I endorse and recommend Jon Francis for Texas House District 60.

Jon Francis

Before we knew HD60’s Rep. Mike Lang was not running for re-election, creating an open seat, veterinarian and rancher Glenn Rogers announced he would challenge Lang in the primary. At that time, reading from Rogers’ press release, I told my audience that while Rogers claims being a conservative, the things he says in the statement point to him being part of the big local government, establishment part of the GOP.

More importantly Rogers’ challenge to Rep. Mike Lang was the big signal, the warning, all should notice that Rogers’ does not side with real conservatives as Rep. Lang was one of the most noted conservatives in his time in the Legislature – heck he was the House Freedom Caucus chairman.

Fortunately for state House District 60 conservatives, Jon Francis is a dedicated conservative who will represent taxpayers in Austin as opposed to carrying the water for local taxers and spenders. I strongly recommend HD60 voters support conservative Jon Francis for state representative.

Read more here: HD60 Runoff: Why you should back Jon Francis for the Texas House

Place 4, Texas 7th Court of Appeals

Place 4, Texas 7th Court of Appeals I recommend Justice Larry Doss. Doss was appointed to the court by Governor Abbott and is opposed in the special election by a person I heard nothing from in the March primary season.

Larry Doss

Doss is board-certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Civil Appellate Law and has proven experience in our appellate courts for clients across Texas. He was a briefing attorney for widely respected federal Judge Sam Cummings; holds a BA and MA from Baylor and is a graduate of Texas Tech’s School of Law.

Doss’ opponent, Amarillo attorney Steven Denny, has previously run unsuccessfully a judge slot and district attorney. Mr. Denny received a very large, $5,000, donation for the Teamsters Union – that’s right the Teamsters Union (Local 577) which is not exactly a relationship one would expect of a conservative Republican, especially in northwest Texas. At the time of my writing the Teamsters Union donation represented almost 65% of funds raised by Mr. Denny.

UPDATE: Denny has taken another $3000 from the Teamster’s Union. Look up the filing, his Texas filer number is 00080236.

Read more: 7th Court of Appeals: Vote for Justice Larry Doss

Taylor County races:

Jeff Propst

In the 104th District Court serving Taylor County, I am impressed with both candidates but if I had to cast a vote in that race, I would vote for Jeff Propst. His opponent Kevin Willhelm strikes me as equally qualified; it is only a hair-width advantage to Propst based solely on personal chemistry and perhaps being smoother in interviews.

More here.

Lubbock County races:

Phillip Hays

In the 99th District Court serving Lubbock County, I will cast my vote for Phillip Hays. The narrow separator is that Hays has much deeper and broader experience with the law than does Kara Darnell. I think both would make a fine district judge but litigants would benefit from a judge who has serious background with contract, civil and other legal issues.

Douglas Freitag

In the 140th District Court, also serving Lubbock County, I will vote for Douglas Freitag for a similar reason as given for the 99th. If I were voting for someone to share drink and cigar with over a few hours, it would be Tom Brummett as I simply like him better. However I believe it to be an advantage to litigants to have a judge who has earned his living for a while in the private sector and has much experience with business, contract, and matters other than criminal law. Both would be fine judges but Freitag simply has broader legal experience.

More here.


  1. Dan Caddell says

    I’m very interested in who you endorse for 99th District court and 140th District Court. I want to vote early.

    • Pratt on Texas says

      That is coming soon as it says. There is no hurry on early voting, it runs through Friday the 10th of July.

  2. Angela C Lewis says

    Thank you for being “out there” for the citizens of Texas! I know I can depend on your leadership!

  3. I just want to say thanks for your recommendations. I know you do a lot of research.

  4. Mark Brewer says

    Robert, as a Retired Navy Chief Hospital Corpsman ,I feel the same way about the attacks on my fellow Sailor. Like most political attack ads,they are filled with innuendo and half truths. Ronnie’s opponent convinced me through his attacks to support Ronnie Jackson.

  5. I hope Abbott doesn’t run again. I’ll vote for anyone else in 2023.

    • I sent Abbott a letter saying that he had lost my vote. He will probably never see it. People that want to wear a mask already are. People that are afraid of dying are already dead inside!

  6. Robert, I have been listening to your radio show for many years, and just wanted to say that I appreciate what you do for our State, and all of the information you provide is most helpful. Thank you for all of your time, and caring for Texans.

  7. Bob Terrell says

    Sorry Robert, I have to say Kevin Willhelm for 104th. I have talked with Kevin Willhelm and asked questions that were pointed and sharp, got answers that I knew to be honest, not what he thought I wanted to hear.. Can not say the same for propst.

  8. I guess we have Santa Abbott to defeat like we did Santa Anna .

  9. You and I disagreed with Chris Eckstrom. He was an outsider who rented a home in Wichita Falls just to run for Congress. We did some background checking on him and he was no good for our district. Jackson is about the same, he moved to Amarillo just to run in the election. I’m retired military and he for sure is a part of the political Washington establishment. We need fresh blood in Congress. Winegarner is the only solid choice we have. Love your show man and listen alot. Ed

    • Pratt on Texas says

      Calling Winegarner fresh blood AND not of the establishment is embarrassing – for you. He is a lifelong member of the establishment, earning his salary on their payroll. He was groomed and run by the Washington establishment for this post and backed by consummate insider Thornberry and a host of others. You can have all kinds of good reasons to back him and not back Jackson but the reason you state are sadly laughable.

  10. Jimmy Joe Jack says

    I would gladly and enthusiastically support your running for Governor of the GREAT STATE of TEXAS!!!!!!

  11. Bob & Annie says

    Muchas gracias , brother Pratt !!!
    Always ahead of the game !!

  12. Dawna Gournic says


    Your recommendations really help me get started. My vote is always my own decision, but you help me with information and a direction that is not always easy to find on the internet.

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