HD60 Runoff: Why you should back Jon Francis for the Texas House

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedThe GOP runoff for Texas House District 60, which includes Brown, Callahan, Coleman, Eastland, Hood, Palo Pinto, Shackelford, and Stephens counties, features a candidate backed primarily by non-conservative government insiders, veterinarian Glenn Rogers, and a pro-taxpayer candidate, Jon Francis, backed by the consistent conservative crowd.

Glen Rogers

Glen Rogers filed to run against Representative Mike Lang before Lang had announced he was not running for re-election and in that act alone all knew that Rogers was the anti-conservative candidate. He now touts an endorsement from the Texas affiliate of the nation’s largest Leftwing teachers’ union and his pro-life backer is the unreliable Texas Alliance for Life.

Jon Fancis

Jon Francis is backed by Senator Ted Cruz, Attorney General Ken Paxton, State Senators Charles Perry and Pat Fallon, Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, and retiring state Rep. Mike Lang who was a conservative leader in the Texas House.

Eastland Republican Party Chair Robin Hayes, told The Texan that since a tough forum during the primary, “[Rogers] hasn’t come to anything unless he puts it on.” The report says “that absence has continued during the runoff.”

Who will represent the regular folk in the district?

A clue might be that Jon Francis has his personal cell phone number on all his literature and answers it. Glen Rogers will not even face voters at forums unless the event is orchestrated by his campaign.

That says a lot.

Joining groups like Gun Owners of America, Texas Values Action, and Young Conservatives of Texas, I support Jon Francis fully in this key race for the Texas House and ask you to cast your vote for him.


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