TX13 Runoff: Why you should vote for Dr. Ronny Jackson

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedIn Texas 13th Congressional District, I fully recommend and endorse Dr. Ronny Jackson in the race for Congress. The retired Navy Rear Admiral and White House physician is an energetic conservative focused on representing the people of Texas 13th district and helping President Trump battle the Washington swamp.

Ronny Jackson

Jackson’s opponent is a career political staffer and lobbyist backed by the entrenched swamp-swimmers including Beto O’Rourke’s traveling buddy and Texas’ most liberal Republican in DC Will Hurd. More despicable is the full-out attack on Admiral Jackson’s military service by using Jackson’s military postings as a tool to claim the Levelland-native is somehow not from the region. Apparently the lobbyist does not understand that when you sign up with Uncle Sam you do not get the luxury of deciding where you live while on active duty.

“This latest round of attacks toward Jackson from the Winegarner campaign comes as a recent Club for Growth poll showed [lobbyist] Winegarner trailing Jackson by eight points, with less than a week to go before early voting. That same poll previously had Winegarner leading by 11 points over Jackson as recently as April,” reported Thomas Warren of the Amarillo Pioneer.

The only poll that matters is the one that measures 100% of voters – the actual election. Each you in TX13 have a job to do: Get out now and vote for Ronny Jackson for Congress.


  1. Let’s face it. If Wichita Falls were to lose Sheppard Air Force Base, we would dry up and blow away. We have had great support from Thornberry and his committee leadership and we need someone who supports our military and knows his way around Washington.
    I believe Ronny Jackson is exactually what we need and will represent our entire district with the same dedication he has shown to our great country!

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