Is there too much COVID-19 testing?

Even with huge false positives the positive PCR test rate for WuFlu is only 6.9%.

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedYesterday I provided the Texas WuFlu numbers for the beginning of the week and made a strong case that the actual numbers do not support panic, fear, or the media and politician hyperbole so prominent at the moment.

Registered Nurse and health researcher and writer Sandy Szwarc added this informed and interesting opinion: “Stop running to get tested and magically, the “pandemic” will be harder to hype.”

Using the COVID Tracking Project numbers, Szwarc point that as of Monday, 30 November, the U.S. PCR testing positivity rate is 6.9%. (13,337,969 out of 192,769,788 tests.)

“Positive test specimens do not equal sick patients. Specimens don’t represent people at all… Yet the media continues to falsely report positive specimens as “cases.” They also keep reporting cumulative totals, which always go up, and never seem to subtract the people who get better and don’t have a fever or symptoms after a few days,” Szwarc wrote.

That is one of the most abused data points and is behind much of the media hyperbole. It is for that reason I have been pointing out that the only “case” numbers which matter are “active cases” and it is easy to find those numbers daily for Texas in the state’s situation report which I also link to in the daily Pratt post which is published just before each show.

“Why on earth are people running to get tested? Did they all get tested for viruses during last year’s cold and flu season? Of course not,” Szwarc opined.

If one has illness to a degree great enough to be experiencing COVID-like symptoms and are in a demographic group with extra risk getting tested is a good idea. For others it is a bit wasteful, full of false positives, and is helping the Chicken-Littles’ claim the proverbial sky is falling.

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