WuFlu numbers in Texas do not justify erosion of freedoms

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedAll of us are extremely stressed due to continued doom and gloom hyperbolic coverage of the WuFlu and even more so by the significant erosion of freedom and economic progress being destroyed all in the name of virus fear.

If you read the local or state press each day you might think over one million Texans were in hospital with COVID-19. In fact, according to the Texas agency tracking the numbers, this week began with only 184,035 “active cases” which is about one-half of one-percent of the Texas population.

Using a common figure in the unreliable press, 80.9% of those diagnosed with COVID have mild to no symptoms. That leaves us with about 19% of those 184,035 active cases as having strong enough symptoms to be considered ill which is about 35,000 people out of twenty-nine million Texans.

Texas currently has a seven-day average of 8,555 hospitalized patients that have tested positive for COVID which means just a bit less than 5% of those 184,035 active case patients are in hospital, about 4.6%.

Texas has 84,000 licensed hospital beds and 58,423 staffed hospital beds and there are 8,555 people with WuFlu in those beds.

The mortality rate of those few with COVID is only 1.8% in Texas. Overall fatalities for Texas equal 75 per 100,000 which is 0.075%. You heard that right, Texas deaths from COVID are less than tenth of one percent of the population and yet, hour by hour we are subjected to reporting designed to install fear, panic, and a willingness to give up your freedoms.

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