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  1. According to COVID Tracking Project data compiled from health departments, as of 11/30/2020 (most current numbers):
    In US, total pcr tests =192,769,788
    Positives= 13,337,969
    That’s a positive rate of 6.9%
    Positive test specimens do not equal sick patients. Specimens don’t represent people at all. Worse, it’s well known that most pcr results are false positives and aren’t testing for infections or equate to infectious people. Yet the media continues to falsely report positive specimens as “cases.” They also keep reporting cumulative totals, which always go up, and never seem to subtract the people who get better and don’t have a fever or symptoms after a few days. I was trained that it is ethically wrong for professionals to report misleading and false information.

    Why on earth are people running to get tested? Did they all get tested for viruses during last year’s cold and flu season? Of course not. Stop running to get tested and magically, the “pandemic” will be harder to hype.
    Just because they now have a test (claimed to find traces of the virus’ genetic material by amplifying it a zillion times) does not mean that there is any credible reason to get tested. If you have symptoms and are sick, stay home, drink warm fluids and get better. This is a virus, and not an especially more lethal one than the seasonal flu. Nor is it magically more infectious than other coronaviruses. If you’re not sick, get back to your life and work. Turn off the media and those hourly Covid number reports. Positive specimen numbers don’t mean that the virus is running out of control; it’s a tactic to keep everyone scared. It’s heartbreaking to see the fear in people’s eyes behind those masks. A lot of innocent people are being hurt by all of this. And the reasons behind the scaremongering make it even more unethical in my book. IMHO.

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