Leftist teacher unions now dumping money into Texas GOP primaries | Anti-Wimp | Border news – Pratt on Texas 3/5/2024

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: Last night the U.S. Supreme Court blocked the enforcement of Texas Senate Bill 4 which allows the state to arrest illegal border crossers, and more, until the Court decides what it will do with the case. Meanwhile, the great Paul Bedard reports on a Biden program that should shock Americans: Biden secretly dumped 320,000 ‘inadmissible’ illegal immigrants into US cities. These are people flying directly into the U.S. from Latin America, not crossing the land border.

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Anti-Wimp: Alleged thief shot, killed by vehicle owner in San Antonio.

More news of school districts and electioneering:

Leftwing Teachers Unions Quietly Spend Millions on GOP Primaries including in Texas.

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