Anti-Wimp: Alleged thief shot, killed by vehicle owner

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San Antonio police say that a 50-year-old owner of an SUV shot and killed another man who he found trying to drive off in his vehicle this morning. 

According to reports the vehicle owner fired shots at the man as the alleged thief was driving away in the vehicle. Many bullet holes were observed in the windshield of the SUV after the incident. 

KSAT reported that “neighbors who spoke off-camera, car burglars and car thieves have been targeting vehicles in the complex repeatedly.” 

KSAT’s report said that the alleged thief exited the vehicle after being shot, ran, and then collapsed behind a nearby building leaving a trail of blood through the apartment complex. When police found him, he had already begun the eternal dirt nap. 

All the better for Bexar County, and all the better for Texas.


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