Impeachment news, ignored, but damning | Texas Congressman’s laughable “thirst strike” | Lazy book vendors – Pratt on Texas 7/26/20233

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: A big Dallas Morning News story on a trove of messages between a Paxton campaign official and state Rep. Jeff Leach shows, in my opinion, that personal anger over a policy difference, with a desire to strike back at Paxton, is behind the House’s move to impeach A.G. Paxton. It is disgusting and shameful. Is being “pissed off” a legitimate and thoughtful reason to invoke such extreme and rare action as impeachment?

Also, an important story most of the legacy media has chosen not to cover is about just how bad the impeachment articles are from a constitutional perspective. Many of these things I noticed immediately and mentioned when the list of charges was released from the House.

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Yesterday numerous Texas press outlets ran positive stories of Leftist Austin Congressman Greg Casar’s “thirst strike.” Today, as of midday, those same outlets had nothing to report. Why? Because “Squad” member and Marxist Casar’s stunt is an embarrassment – it’s funny!

Lazy book vendors: Lawsuit Challenges Texas Law Punishing Book Vendors for ‘Explicit’ Materials in Public School Libraries | The Texan. I read four different media accounts of this today and it seems that what these people, who sell books to public school libraries, are saying is that it’s too hard for them to ensure they are not selling pornography and sexually explicit books for little kids to see in schools. That’s quite an admission by school book vendors – that they can’t and won’t review what it is they sell.

Another Anti-Wimp update: Axe-wielding robber arrested after armed homeowner stops him.

And, other news of Texas.

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