DPS medic claims Texas border work inhumane | Big impeachment news | Anti-Wimp update | Tax relief – Pratt on Texas 7/18/2023

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: Texas border enforcement, what little of it there is, blows up in the national press due to a DPS medic who has made all kinds of claims that Texas is being inhumane, etc. The coverage and incendiary Democrat statements, miss the point: Human responsible agency. No one us cut by razor wire unless they try to get through it breaking into the country. No one is pushed back into anything unless those persons first choose to take an illegal and dangerous action.

Also, as I mentioned earlier the biggest problem Abbott has with his floating 1,000-foot border barrier is that it may violate a treaty. If it does, no amount of Fox News chest-beating appearances will change the fact that it will have to come out.

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Anti-Wimp update: Armed robber gets surprise from 7-Eleven clerk.

The impeachment debacle brings us a Discovery Order to stop the House managers from more unethical behavior toward A.G. Ken Paxton; a new Gag Order to stop mostly the pro-impeachment team from trying the case in the press (it is a political case after all) instead of in the Senate, and; a fine example of biased press hypocrisy regarding Paxton and political donations. Tons of outlets ran this but ignored this.

Tax relief passed. I explain why much more must be done before we go for the school district M&O tax phase out.

And, other news of Texas.

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