Childishness of the homosexual political movement | Anti-Wimp | Tax relief (?) & Abbott’s 2nd call – Pratt on Texas 6/28/2023

The news of Texas covered today includes:

Our Lone Star story of the day: Governor Abbott calls another special session of the legislature after getting nothing from his first called session. This time, Abbott tries to dictate the specific policy lawmakers should take but, that policy has no long term solid plan to ensure it doesn’t fizzle next time there isn’t an abundance of money to spend and, it gives most of us significantly less property tax relief.

I explain why I support the Senate approach now even though I support more strongly the idea of what Governor Abbott is now, at this late date, pushing for.

Our Lone Star story of the day is sponsored by Allied Compliance Services providing the best service in DOT, business and personal drug and alcohol testing since 1995.

Queer homosexual (or alphabet?) group upset that the City of Lubbock will not pass a resolution specifically honoring pride in homosexual behavior. Should we honor swingers, celibates, adulterers, monogamous heterosexuals, fetishists, etc. with resolutions to “acknowledge” them simply because of their sexual behavior? Of course not and we should stop promoting homosexuals and their events too. These people are like all the victimhood grasping people on the Left; they are stuck in adolescence and need constant approval of others to find value with their life (or more likely to assuage the natural guilt they feel from their choices.) Far more concerning than their homosexuality is that these people need the support of politicians to fill fulfilled!

A&M, UNT, UT and others awarding minor degrees in homosexual studies. And don’t doubt that all of these programs are pro-homosexuality as opposed to critical or questioning.

Anti-Wimp: Robbers lose in shootout with armed pregnant woman and her husband.

And, other news of Texas.

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  1. Nick Harpster says

    From your lame response here, it is clear you don’t have an educated bone in your body. You’re combining many ignorant ideologies into one, and dismissing the issue of human rights. I’m not sure why you, and everyone who feels the same way you do, have such a hang-up on sex. It sounds pretty perverted, actually, the amount of time you focus on someone that you’re not even around, having sex. This has absolutely nothing to do with sex. Pride month is about celebrating a group of historically marginalized people, who are still stigmatized and treated unequally for religious or other uneducated reasons based on a failure to face reality, over the belief in misinformation and hatred. You fear what you even refuse to understand and are afraid that your status quo will be disrupted. Nothing the LGBTQ+ community asks for is more than any other human being has. They are not taking anything away from you, nor do they want you to become one of them. No one is shoving anything down your throat (as much as you might like that) any more than the status quo, or the religious zealots, shove their beliefs down others’ throats that don’t partake in that path. Plus, beliefs don’t take precedent over the existence of a group of human beings. Your belief that someone shouldn’t exist, does not make them not exist, nor has the right to discriminate against others because you think they shouldn’t exist. Beliefs do not supersede human and civil rights. I challenge you to learn what you’re talking about before you speak. You’d think someone with a radio show should know something about preparation and how misinformation makes you look bad. In this case, it’s clearly what you thrive on. Happy Pride! ✊️‍️‍⚧️

    • Pratt on Texas says

      In your long post you make my point near the beginning: “…have such a hang-up on sex…” That is the point, that a bunch of people are defining themselves and their role in society based upon the sexual relations they prefer. That is sad and ridiculous.
      Have all the “pride” you want but remember that all people have sexual temptations, of many types, but we are to rise above such and avoid sexual immorality. Having pride in perverted homosexual behavior is sinful and an affront to God.

      Also, we are not “groups of human beings” but individuals each answerable for our own behavior, and praise God, capable of receiving His grace of redemption through Jesus Christ. God is infinitely merciful so we all have hope but his Word makes clear that we must repent of our sinful ways and seek to live without sin. To praise and normalize sin is the greatest of hatreds toward your fellow humans because it leads them away from God.

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