Pratt’s post for 11/16/2020

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  1. (anonymous please) says

    The mask nazi’s are back. Patients are not allowed to receive medical care or to enter a Lubbock medical facility without masking. We sat and watched one front door mask nazi for 20 minutes — people were allowed in with all manner of homemade cotton face coverings. But when a gentleman came in with an American flag mask, in red-white-and-blue, he was suddenly required to cover it with a generic blue surgical mask. Is this what things have come to in Texas?
    Watching the employees, was comical, if it weren’t so tragically disheartening. Some were wearing two masks and homemade masks with sequins and sparkles, no less. They would take them off or down, when whispering closely to each other. Even medical professionals have no clue about masks. We can no longer trust medical providers when most of the public is better read and informed than they are! This insanity has to end.

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