Wearing face masks more than doubled Texas COVID-19 fatality rate! (But wait there’s more…)

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedOn  22 June, I wrote of how New Mexico, with its longstanding face mask order and heavy  enforcement had experienced a COVID-19 fatality rate three times that of Texas, at the time with no face covering order. At that time the Texas WuFlu fatality rate was 7.11 per 100,000 and in mask wearing New Mexico the fatality rate was 21.5 per 100,000 population.

On 2 July Governor Abbott issued his decree GA-29 mandating face coverings in Texas. The day before, Abbott’s decree the Texas WuFlu fatality rate was 8.35 per 100,000 people (29,000,000 population; 2,424 deaths / 290. = 8.35 per 100,000.)

Abbott at an early daily virus presser at a DPS warehouse with his pointless white coated folk behind him, Obama-style. The human prop line stretched far across, well beyond this shot.

To account for delayed infection, I’m picking up 10 days after Abbott’s mouth muzzle decree and on 13 July Texas reported 3,192 fatalities. On 6 August, Texas reported 7,497 fatalities. That gives Texas 4,305 fatalities after the mask mandate through 6 August. That’s a much higher death rate over less than a month than the state had over about four months (March through 12 July) and shows that Texas about doubled its fatality rate to 14.8 per 100,000 after mandating face coverings.

These are authentic numbers and do show the Texas death rate per 100,000 almost doubled beginning 10 days after Abbott’s face covering order through now.

The numbers do not lie!

But wait, there’s more: The numbers are correlative in nature only and do not demonstrate the cause of the fatality rate almost doubling.

I point this out because news media is pushing out things to you like this daily from so-called experts at universities and more. Almost all of these things called “studies” are not even studies in the formal sense, such are just people playing with numbers in a correlative fashion as I have done with face masks. While suggestive, most of these reports are mostly bunkum, utter nonsense, when compared to actual scientific method and enormously distant from demonstrating any true causality, but that, sadly, hasn’t slowed the propagation of such by media and being absorbed by people, including political leaders with power, as having validity.


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