Texas Senate & House committee appointments dominated Texas this week

Pratt on TexasThe big news of the week in Texas politics centers on legislators’ appointments to committees within the House and Senate by the respective leader of each body.

We’ve had much coverage of Senator Seliger, the sad sack soap opera of the session, and his having the gavel of the Senate Agriculture Committee removed from his hands because of his whining about the appointment and subsequent bad behavior toward a female staffer of the Lieutenant Governor. Sad Sack Seliger’s soap opera was entirely of his own making and the ultimate blow-up of his session for his constituents fueled and lighted by he alone.

Speaker of the House Dennis Bonnen

The new speaker of the Texas House, Representative Dennis Bonnen, released assignments this week, earlier than can be remembered for a new speaker which is good in every way.

For the most part, after taking into account all the complications of making powerful chairman and committee appointments, I think most of us can see Bonnen’s speakership is already fundamentally better than the past few legislative sessions.

The northwestern third of the state will carry much influence with the House chairmanships of the Calendars; Agriculture; Human Services; Land and Resource Management, and; Ways and Means committees going to reps from the region. Some others from the region gave up gavels for critical seats on key committees like Calendars and Higher Education.

On balance conservatives should be please at this early point and those in the northwest third of the state aware that your reps were not overlooked but given superb positions.

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