Listener: Government beauty shop schools in Texas


Good rant on the lack of need for government beauty shop schools.

[See: Texas considering cutting high school cosmetology courses]

Right now I’m watching Front Line distort history once again on the intensification of black poverty in urban areas.  As always, it’s all due to the loss of manufacturing jobs in these areas.  (Apparently all that black people can do is simple factory work.)  But the truth is that all the indicators of contemporary poverty – the rise of female-headed households, men not working, street crime, and all the rest – began to increase significantly in the middle 60s, when the economy was strong and manufacturing was yet to decline.  The cause of the intractable black poverty was not the loss of factory jobs (although that did make things worse), but the demoralizing effects of the “Great Society’s” welfare systems.  It was my realization of this during college that turned me more than anything else in the conservative direction.

Now the story line is the pain of the white “working” (non-working) class.  They have nothing to turn to except opioids. How about this idea – Move!  Think what the Okies did in the 30s to survive.

Sometimes I think it’s all hopeless.


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