Listener: Teacher pay is a blessing, many just don’t know it.

My wife is a teacher, and we are two of the few that realize that her pay is a tremendous blessing. She got a degree in a different field and worked in fast food when she graduated from college. She hit the hourly pay ceiling in no time, and decided to get her alternative teaching certification after looking into a management position and realizing that it would pay about what local teachers are paid, but would require her to work nights, works  overtime without overtime pay year round, have difficulty getting time off that coincide with school holidays when our future children would be out of school, and would not offer nearly the retirement benefits.

I’m self employed, and work more days per year, spend far more of my own money on my business, RISK the money that I earn when I put it back into the business, and taxed coming and going, and in the end, I make slightly less per year than my wife does as a teacher. Not only that, but she’ll receive almost double the retirement from her social security exempt retirement fund that I will from social security with only a slightly higher input.

I tried to have a rational and reasonable discussion with a teacher I knew FROM CHURCH who claimed to be a moderate, supporting Bernie Sanders, because he couldn’t vote for conservatives as long as they were so wrong on education. Thinking he was confused, I asked what exactly he had problems with regarding conservatives and education. He gave a list of things he claimed conservatives supported, none of which conservatives actually supported!!!

When I addressed the issues POINT BY POINT about how actual conservatives feel about those points, he became FURIOUS, made the argument personal, verbally attacked my wife, myself and my marriage, accused me of making claims that I never made, and even began quoting Marx very accurately. It became immediately clear that he was not confused. He is socialist or communist that hides his true political identity to mislead the people he tries to draw into discussions. He knew exactly how to manipulate the average uniformed person of a more conservative bent, but upon encountering someone more informed only knew how to attack.

Unfortunately he’s molding the minds of high school students in the LISD school system and he’s FAR from the only one.

Lubbock ISD starts teachers making approximately the median HOUSEHOLD income in Lubbock Texas, and it is the height of selfishness to demand that that households making what you make as an individual be FORCED to pay you more via inescapable property taxes.

D. T.

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