Listener: Sen. Seliger leaves out the conservative solution

image: Seliger

SD31’s Kel Seliger

The Dishonorable [Senator] Kel Seliger sent out a questionnaire to find out what the serfs want from their prince.

Question #4 is most intriguing.

“To reduce the reliance on property taxes as a means to fund public schools, which of the following options would you prefer:

  1. a) Create a statewide property tax
  2. b) Increase sales tax
  3. c) Adopt a state income tax
  4. d) other:”

I should send this back with “What’s wrong with living within your means?”

Mr. Seliger would throw a temper tantrum in response that would make a three year old blush, I suspect.



  1. You have got that right. Always looking for more ways to tax us. Time for Seliger to retire.

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